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Warcloud Ish
02-03-2010, 07:26 PM


Contra Mantra


from Unholy Terror

just got this e-mail:

Enemy Soil and Babygrande Records are proud to announce the upcoming
release of the new Army of the Pharaohs album: Jedi Mind Tricks Presents "Army Of
The Pharaohs: The Unholy Terror" on March 30th, 2010. After 8 years of close
partnership and hundreds of thousands of albums sold with Babygrande Records, Jedi
Mind Tricks is proud to be releasing "Army Of The Pharaohs: The Unholy Terror" on
their own label, Enemy Soil, in a unique partnership with Babygrande.

The Unholy Terror is a return to form for true Jedi Mind Tricks and Army Of The
Pharaohs fanatics. AOTP, the ever-evolving crew of Hip Hop’s heaviest hitters, is the
culmination of a vision devised by Jedi Mind Tricks’ frontman Vinnie Paz. Initiated over
twelve years ago, the group (following in the long-standing tradition of crews like Wu
Tang and The Juice Crew) has thrived for over a decade. Past members and
contributors have included Bahamadia, Chief Kamachi, 7L, Virtuoso, Shuko, and
Undefined, to name a few. With two full-length albums and a slew of singles under their
collective belt, AOTP has established itself as the premier collective of diverse MCs
showcasing viciously precise and dynamic skills. Lead by the inimitable Paz, AOTP is a
reflection of the volatile MC’s staunch belief in the tradition of Hip hop’s most sacred
tenets and aesthetics. Individually the styles of the Pharaohs compliment each other,
ranging from strictly lyrical to bloodthirsty battle rhymes, all fused within a construct
based on energy and sonic power.

"The Unholy Terror," delivers the same disemboweling brand of hard-core boom-bap
and battle rhyming that this veteran crew is known for. Constant touring through Europe
and the United States has primed the outfit for their third full-length release. As tradition
dictates, the new face of the unit is comprised of a potent arsenal of formidable MCs
and producers. It is a unique mixture of Philadelphia’s best home-grown talent and
outside affiliations, with verses from the likes of like Vinnie Paz, Outerspace, Reef the
Lost Cauze, Des Devious, Demoz, Doap Nixon, Jus Allah, King Magnetic and King Syze
teaming up with Apathy, Celph Titled, Esoteric, Block McCloud and Journalist. The
Pharaohs’ sound is guided by the deft hands of well-known and heavily respected
beat-makers like Philly’s own DJ Kwestion, while Apathy and Celph also show their
production chops on this album. Contributions also come from producers Vanderslice,
Crown, Undefined, DC the Midi Alien, Grand Finale, Hypnotist, JBL the Titan and MTK.

With their continuing success, the last few years have seen new and debut solo efforts
from various group members, but now, they throw their lots in together again, to give the
fans what they have been craving. The Unholy Terror continues on in the same vein as
AOTP’s earlier efforts: epic, grimy beats and raw rhymes. Having spent their entire
existence as a self-contained unit, AOTP exhibits a tightness and a complexity that only
comes with years of crafted experience. Once again the Army proves itself to be more
than the sum of its parts. Seasoned by the road and their respective careers outside
AOTP, the members return with focused intensity to what has become more than just a
collection of rappers: it is now a tradition.

02-03-2010, 07:32 PM
No Stoupe? Those dipshits.

02-03-2010, 08:04 PM
Those tracks aren't exactly new, been out for a month and a half at least. But yeah, singles off their upcoming record.

I like Contra Mantra, can't really get into Godzilla, even though most people like that track more it seems.

02-04-2010, 06:14 AM
anybody got the mp3's for these tracks?