View Full Version : Raphael Vs Marshall

02-04-2010, 07:11 AM
sorry had to move this thread cause i forgot the poll

my new thread, this one takes a closer look at two white MC's that have alot more in common that PUN and PAC.

vote NOW!

NECRO for me

again i love both these MC's but i think in the end necro takes it for me, yes he doesnt switch his flow up much, yes he has'nt made much of a dent in the industry but "fuck the fame it aint part of the game"

plus his catolog doesnt have a weak spot in it unlike marshall, even tho i love relapse and cant wait for for relapse 2 i think necro is just more gutter and more real, i think im finding myself more liking east coast shit, wow, imagine that.

my favourite big hits from both men: