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Dr. Green Lungs
02-06-2010, 01:23 PM
i have been a rap fan since early 90's and really only listen to rappers with roots in that era (wu, cormega, bootcamp ect). i have also heavily researched the freemasons, occult societies, money, religion, world events, ect since september 12th 2001, and i think i have come to many of the same theoretical conclusions as alot of people who seem to be waking up to this sort of thing in present times. rap music, by the way (besides 9/11 sending me into full blown studies of the world), was also heavy influence for me to start to love knowledge and research worldy workings.
i was curious what you all (especially palehorse, lol) thought about the next couple of questions that i have asked myself in past years about rap and freemasonry influence. and now some have recently been popping up on the net (jay-z in particular). so here is my beef...
since they control the entertainment and music business, what are your thoughts about rappers and their relationship with the freemasons?? no doubt in my eyes, that the powers that be obviously use rappers as pawns in the games that they play... but how much do these rappers really know?? do they have an agenda as well or are they completely in the dark?? and if they are concious of all of this, do you think any of them are actually high level freemasons?? where does the WU fit in to it all?? 2pac??
and if there was a thread on this in the past, sorry i musta missed it... any and all opinions are encouraged... please humor me

02-06-2010, 01:35 PM
they thought that they was approaching the industry with an army - lmao - they got met with a real army - some of them had good intentions of breaking down doors for us - once the enemy realized how powerful and influential the music was,the enemy set out to control the medium

black masons in america grouped to aid us in getting out of a bad situation

as most black people were not allowed in certain circles, the black mason was let into certain circles and was given > permission < to do business here - they gettin fucked up now -