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Kool P Shook
10-01-2005, 08:55 AM

01 Psycho Ward (n/d)
02 Time 4 Sum Aksion (4/5)
03 Da Funk (4/5)
04 News Break (n/d)
05 So Ruff (5/5)
06 Rated "R" (5/5)
07 Watch Yo Nuggets (4/5)
08 Psycho Dub (n/d)
09 Jam 4 U (5/5)
10 Blow Your Mind (5/5)
11 Hardcore (3/5)
12 Funky Uncles (n/d)
13 Redman Meets Reggie Noble (3/5)
14 Tonight's da Night (5/5)
15 Blow Your Mind (Remix) (4/5)
16 I'm a Bad (3/5)
17 Sessed One Night (n/d)
18 How to Roll a Blunt (4/5)
19 Sooper Luver Interview (n/d)
20 A Day of Sooperman Lover (5/5)
21 Encore (n/d)

1992:world is dominated by Dr.Dre and the Death Row Records,"The Chronic" is his new LP and everybody celebrate West Coast.What's happenin' in East Side? Well,this is not Wu-Tang era,so we must remeber a rapper that shit an incredible cd:REDMAN and his "WHUT?THEE ALBUM".Reggie Noble's first album is a mix of atomic rhymes,strange & hot topics (sex,drugs etc)and doped/out-control/funky beats created by that genius of Erick Sermon of EPMD. This cd is a kind of revolution because Reggie's style is something of new,any rappers has got his own skills that are as hot as many West MCs.Redman's debut is probably a classic,a great album where you can find great songs of the Funk Doc like "Rated R" (great funky song),"Blow Your Mind" (homiez!this is a mad rapper,and you can say it listening this track)and "A Day Of A Soopaman Luva",part of a long saga where Red shows his incredible charme (i'm jokin,his more perverite then Kool Keith!).A really good cd.And a baaaaaaaaaad cd!

You can post here yo'reviews.

10-01-2005, 09:00 AM
SICK. i got it a while back first thing i did after bumping some onyx this morning was put that album in the spinner.