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Russ Kick has proved himself a master at uncovering facts that "they" would prefer you never hear about. The giant Disinformation Guide series edited by Kick has become the definitive place to find revelations about government cover-ups, scientific scams, corporate crimes, medical malfeasance, historical whitewashes, media manipulation, and other knock-your-socks-off secrets and lies. This CD-sized book packs the same powerful punch in a small, attractive package. Among Kick's amazing discoveries, all thoroughly documented:

The first genetically modified humans have already been born.
Hitler's blood relatives are living in the U.S.
The CIA commits over 100,000 serious crimes per year.
The U.S. planned to explode an atomic bomb on the moon.
An atomic bomb was dropped on North Carolina.
The main hero of the movie Black Hawk Down is a convicted child molester.
The discoverer of HIV no longer believes the virus is the sole cause of AIDS.
Kent State wasn't the only massacre of U.S. college students during the Vietnam era.
Lincoln didn't free any slaves.

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damn wheres the rest
that link says i have to download sum shit?

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I saw that book in the book store. It has important info.

Good thread.

http://www.gatecreepers.com/workspace/library/50%20Things%20Youre%20Not%20Supposed%20To%20Know%2 0-%20Russ%20Kick.pdf

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Check out this book at your local Barnes & Noble by Russ Kick. 100 Things You're Not Supposed To Know.

Here is a list of all the chapters.

#1 The Ten Commandments We Always See Aren't the Ten Commandments
#2 One of the Popes Wrote an Erotic Book
#3 the CIA Commits Over 100,000 Serious Crimes Each Year
#4The First CIA Agent to Die in the Line of Duty Was Douglas Mackiernan
#5: After 9/11, the Defense Department Wanted to Poison Afghanistan's Food Supply.
#6 The U.S. Government Lies About The Number of Terrorism Convictions It Obtains.
#7 The US Is Planning to Provoke Terrorist Attacks
#8 The US and USSR Considered Detonating Nuclear Bombs on the Moon
#9 Two Atomic Bombs Were Dropped on North Carolina
#10 WW3 Almost Started in 1995
#11 The Korean War Never Ended
#12 Agent Orange Was Used in Korea.
#13 Kent State Wasn't the Only- or even the First - Massacre of College Students During the Vietnam Era
#14 Winston Churchill Believed in a Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy
#15 The Auschwitz Tattoo Was Originally an IBM Code Number
#16 Hitler's Blood Relatives Are Alive and Well in New York State
#17 Around One Quarter of "Witches" Were Men
#18 The Virgina Colonists Practiced Cannibalism
#19 Black People Served in the Confederate Army
#20 Many Pioneering Feminists Opposed Abortion
#21 Electric Cars Have Been Around Since the 1880s
#22 Juries Are Allowed to Judge the Law, Not Just the Facts
#23 The Police Aren't Legally Obligated to Protect You
#24 The Gov't Can Take Your House & Land, Then Sell Them to Corporations.
#25 The Supreme Court has Ruled That You're Allowed to Ingest Any Drug, Especially If You're An Addict
#26 The Age of Consent in Most of the US is not 18
#27 Most Scientists Don't Read All of the Articles They Cite
#28 Louis Pasteur Suppressed Experiments That Didn't Support His Theories
#29 The Creator of the GAIA Hypothesis Supports Nuclear Power
#30 Genetically-Engineered Humans Have Already Been Born
#31 The Insurance Industry Wants to Genetically Test All Policy Holders
#32 Smoking Causes Problems Other Than Lung Cancer and Heart Disease
#33 Herds of Milk-Producing Cows Are Rife With Bobine Leukemia Virus
#34 Most Doctors Don't Know the Radiation Levels of CAT Scans
#35 Medication Errors Kill Thousands Each Year
#36 Prescription Drugs Kill over 100,000 Annually
#37 Work Kills More People Than War
#38 The Suicide Rate is Highest Among the Elderly
#39 For Low-risk People, a + result from an HIV Test is Wrong Half the time
#40 DNA Matching Is Not Infallible
#41 An FBI Expert Testified That Lie Detectors Are Worthless for Security Screening
#42 The Bayer Company Made Heroin
#43 LSD Has Been Used Successfully in Psychiatric Therapy
#44 Carl Sagan Was an Avid Pot-Smoker
#45 One of the Heroes of Black Hawk Down Is a Convicted Child Molester
#46 The Auto Industry Says That SUV Drivers are Selfish and Insecure
#47 The word "Squaw" Is Not A Derive Term for the Vagina
#48 You Can Mail Letters For Little or No Cost
#49 Advertisers' Influence on the News Media Is Widespread
#50 The World's Museums Contain Innumerable Fakes
#51 Men Have Clitorises
#52 Out of Every 100 People, 10 Weren't Fathered by the Man They Believe is Dad
#53 Hardcore Sexual Imagery Is as Old as the Human Race
#54 Shakespeare's works Are Loaded With Sexual Jokes and Terms
#55 Barbie Is Based On a German Sex Doll
#56 Fetuses Masturbate
#57 Some Legal, Readily Available Substances Can Get Users High
#58 A DEA Judge Ruled that Pot Is Medically Beneficial
#59 Each Month, New warnings Are Added to the Labels of 40 Drugs
#60 SUVs Are 3x More Likely than Cars to Kill Pedestrians Who Are Struck
#61 Aristotle Set Back Science For Around 2,000 Years
#62 Native Americans Were Kept As Slaves
#63 George Washington Embezzled Government Funds
#64 the Declaration of Independence Contains a Racially Derogatory Remark
#65 James Audubon Killed All the Birds He Painted
#66 1/4 of Lynching Victims were Not Black
#67 Freud Failed to Help His Patients
#68 The Board Game Monopoly Was Swiped From Quakers
#69 Gandhi Refused To Let His Dying Wife take Penicillin Yet Took Quinine to Save Himself
#70 Several Thousand Americans Were Held in Nazi Concentrations
#71 The US Has Almost Nuked Canada, Britain, Spain, Greenland, and Texas
#72 During the Cold War, the Code to unlock Nuclear Missiles Was 00000000
#73 The government Practically Gives Away Valuable Land to Corporate Interests
#74 Most Corporations Pay No Federal Income Taxes
#75 The Military Used to Put Slanderous Secret Codes on Discharge Papers
#76 One in three American Homeless Men Is a Military Vet
#77 The US Imprisons More of Its Population Than Any Other Country
#78 The Gov't Can Take Your Property Without Charging You of A Crime
#79 The EPA Lied About NY's Air Quality After 9/11
#80 Condoleezza Rice Committed Perjury Before the 9/11 Commission
#81 Al Qaeda Attacks Have Increased Substantially Since 9/11
#82 The Patriot Act is Used In Cases That Have Nothing To Do With Terrorism
#83 The Gov't offered Around 30 reasons for the Iraq Invasion
#84 A Leading Pentagon Hawk Admitted the Iraq Invasion Was Illegal
#85 The US Runs a Network of at Least 20 Secret Prisons
#86 The Gov't Has a Database of Every Child Porn Image Ever Made
#87 Presidential Debates Are Strictly Controlled by the Two Major Political Parties
#88 For over 100 years, Almost Every Discharge of Was Into US waters Has Been Illegal
#89 the Water Supply is filled with Small Amounts of Pharmaceutical and other Chemicals
#90 well Over 300,00 tons of Chemical Weapons Have Been Dumped into the Sea
#91 Cigarette Butts Are the Most Common Type of Litter
#92 Caviar Involves Extraordinary Cruelty
#93 The Hippocratic Oath Has Been Change Dramatically
#94 Most Hysterectomies Are Unnecessary
#95 Using Sunscreen Can Cause Cancer
#96 Involuntary Human Experimentation is Not a Thing of the Past
#97 Head Transplants on Monkey Have Already Been Performed
#98 Scientists Are Recreating the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus
#99 The Vatican, Including the Pope, is Directly Involved in the Catholic Church's Pedophile Cover Up
#100 God's Name is "Jealous"

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The Virginia Colonists Practiced Cannibalism (http://50thingstonotknow.blogspot.com/2006/12/virginia-colonists-practiced.html)

During the harsh winter of 1609-1610, British subjects in the famous colony of Jamestown,
Virginia, ate their dead and their shit. This fact doesn't make it into very many US history
textbooks, and the state's official Website apparently forgot to mention it in their history section.
When you think about it rationally, this fact should be a part of mainstream history. After all, it
demonstrates the strong will to survive among the colonists. It shows the mind-boggling
hardships they endured and overcame. Yet the taboo against eating these two items is so
over-powering that this episode can't be mentioned in conventional history.
Luckily, an unconventional historian, Howard Zinn, revealed this fact in his classic A People's
History of the United States. Food was so nonexistent during that winter, only 60 out of 500
colonists survived. A government document from that time gives the gruesome details:
Driven thru insufferable hunger to eat those things which nature most abhorred, the flesh
and excrements of man as well of our own nation as of an Indian, digged by some out of his
grave after he had lain buried three days and wholly devoured him; others, envying the

better state of body of any whom hunger has not yet so much wasted as their own, lay wait
and threatened to kill and eat them; one among them slew his wife as she slept in his
bosom, cut her in pieces, salted her and fed upon her till he had clean devoured all parts
saving her head.

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how else are they supposed to paint a perfect picture of their empire to the world ?

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"For Low-risk People, a + result from an HIV Test is Wrong Half the time"

"Most Scientists Don't Read All of the Articles They Cite"

Hahahaha! How fucking convoluted.

"Caviar Involves Extraordinary Cruelty"

"Fetuses Masturbate"

"Head Transplants on Monkey Have Already Been Performed"


Uncle Steezo
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the composition of 96% of the universe is unknown, the other 4% is not fully understood.

extraterrestrials have been involved in earth history for millions of years.

there are buildings and artificial structures on the moon and mars.

85% of the US pop thinks the gov is not telling the truth concerning UFOs

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what if da aliums came to america and helped all the blacks LOOLLOOLL

Uncle Steezo
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what if aliums was black?

Sky Blue Bally Kid
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'The US Has Almost Nuked Canada, Britain, Spain, Greenland, and Texas'