View Full Version : Lionel Richie's Can't Slow Down And Dancing On The Ceiling Albums

02-20-2010, 11:15 AM
These albums are his only good ones hahahahahahahahahahaha. Lionel is a good singer but i'm sure most of his albums aren't good after the 2 albums i said. I heard a couple other albums of his but i didn't like them. I can't believe he's still doing albums. He did a new album about a year ago. Can't Slow Down album won him a lot of awards. I can see why because every song on Can't Slow Down is good. His hits from that album are All Night Long, Penny Lover, Stuck On You, Love Will Find A Way, Running With The Night, Hello. Dancing On The Ceiling album also won him some awards i believe. That album has a lot of good songs also such as Dancing On The Ceiling, Se La, Ballerina Girl, Love Will Conquer All, Say You Say Me. I was very disappointed in the albums he did with The Commodores. Only Commodores albums i like are The Commodores(this album came out in 1977 and has the hits Easy, Zoom, Brick House.), Midnight Magic, Heroes, United(this album was done without him because he had already left the group but it was pretty good and has the hit song Going To The Bank. Walter Orange became the lead singer when Lionel left.)