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The man is telling the truth. White people FEEL as though they're "privileged" just because they're white.

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Ok – Let me be the first to give valuable insight into this video and racism in general.

First The Video...
I will quote this man.
In each instance it was not overt racist. It was credentials. The idea you needed a certain type of credential. In order to get into these prestigious jobs. It certainly affected minorities, but the group is most affects is WHITE MEN. I know any number of white men who don't get consideration because they didn't graduate from the top of the right law school. Most of the issues of race that blacks are directly pushing for, also affect white people and the great challenge for black people is to get white people to realize this.

I agree Derick's first statement. That poor blacks of America are very very similar to the poor whites of America. You gotta trailer park vs ghetto. I disagree with his statement that black people need to enlighten white people. I say “if their dumb minds cant piece it together, let evolution take its course”.

Black people don't need white people... That's fucking retarded.

Second Racism...
I will quote myself
Racism is O.K. Today and Tomorrow

Racism is based on a generalization of a race. A generalization is a way stupid people understand a complex subject. A stupid person cannot help but generalize. To some extent ALL of us are “stupid” and generalize. Our minds have trouble understanding very complex concepts like “why races are the way they are” so we simplify the concept, thus... racism

It's ok to be racist simply because racism is a part of stupidity. It is and will always be everyone's right to be "stupid" as long as they don't discriminate it's O.K. not the greatest, but O.k.....

Conclusion: Racism will be around as long as stupid people exist. (Everyone would need to be smart enough to understand race shouldn't be taken into consideration when making an accurate judgment of ANYONE else)