View Full Version : While diving for lobster in the crystal waters of Saint Thomas

David Daniel Davis
03-04-2010, 10:50 AM
...have you ever reached into a lobster cave to capture a lobster that has retreated into its cave after it spotted you only to grab a handful of sea urchins instead? That happened to my father but the screwed up part is that was not his only bad experience with sea urchins; another time in Saint Thomas he was walking in some water that was about chest deep when all of a sudden I heard the loudest profanity I ever heard in my entire life; when I asked him what was wrong; he said he stepped on a sea urchin. Those damn things just always put themselves in the most inappropriate places. They are too damn rude. It is a shame that my father could not even dive or walk in his own hometown and not encounter those wretched spiny balls. But my father is dead now so they can never harm him again.