View Full Version : the future

03-11-2010, 12:37 PM
verse one

a random revolt soon to be in progress from the slums to Congress
suburbs to ghetto's hearing levels damaged from shots that echo
no houses safe from jakes with grenades enforces for illuminati
bomb they bodies to pieces let flesh fly we die for our rights
never lay down die right were i stand wih a guage in my hand
Like bobby Seale they got my image in the scope cause i defy the man
bust caps at capitalists pumping my fist until we finally batter the ram
rip out the horns no more Hepatitis B vaccinations
into the bodies of our seeds we can build light the weed
expose the awful truth like micheal moore were victims of the drug war
c.i.a. targets, prison profits, i'll clean the fiends into rock heads with rockets
like hoover was heartless and queer he was controlled by the mob for years
screaming fuck a verasche suit that's loot for more guns, and gear for troops
the churches ain't saving us they pimping ya'll fools
won't catch me slipping uncommon as commonition
i uplift the friction may all die who go against him

the future don't seem bright just an endless fights for our rights
they deny the truth you speak out they coming to end your life

verse two

militant minded reminded of war when the feds murdered blacks in new orleans
i say even though it's a deathwish pass those auto's, and m-16's
talking has got us nothing but insults to our intelligence
so you pledge alliegance and take senseless beatings
i'm riding with violent soldiers trying to sneak in your secret meetings
and plant bombs you never accepted our existence fuck resistance
you put my ancestors in the graveyard to break the rage is hard
so i'll talk with this gun i'm not living in the prisons god
making marks instead of remarks spontaneous sparks
plan during the day then cause mayhem in the dark
ain't no walk in the park we walk on cursed land
my uncle ain't Sam i don't roll with the lambs
i'm not taking that sellout cash you want to put in my hand