View Full Version : Dyemond

03-15-2010, 05:00 PM
Open the main gates to my brainwaves, and begin un leashing jewels
Got science like beakers do make a feeble mind leave confused
Lessons they don't teach in school about the people you keep with you
Each line I speak is proof preach and fill my speach with truth
Yet freaking fools call me weak cuz I don't reach for tools
Gotta remove a leach or two agression is seeping through
Speakers boom as I roll deep with crew while my mental steeples grew
Till now where I'm so fucking sick that I breathe the flu
I'm crazy lately leave the paper blazing with famous phrasing
Stakes are raising but I'm sharp enough to cut the Gates of Hades
Fuck paper chasing I'm with a lady ingratiating
Concentrating on her, patient waiting til we baby making
So if ya hate the statements I'm relating then I'm going off
Flowing off the top for foes who scoff and those whose flow is soft
While these veterans lag I step to the head of the pack
Leave you dead in a bag for saying you better than that