View Full Version : flatten your factions

03-17-2010, 12:27 PM
verse one

every army is dogged marked for doom with artieries clogged
i'm in the garden with broads banging em hard
the outreach is broad when i'm smashing you lard
camel riding through deserts to find deserted treasures
robbing birds for feathers tongue is made of leather
hot shots fired on hot blocks at cops with pleasure
new fashion we snatching in the trans am after the transaction
we scalp all who test then smoke a bag from out west
finnesse in the fire we stand stunned a gun in the nest
in the crib he got blazed shots through dozens of eggs
the oven blew the vermin concerning you
my turn to move furnace fused stash full of weapons used
swords slice your reps in two thanks to my teflon crew
illegal function removable emcee's saying nothing new

verse two

the perimeter is circled with paramedics the sight was epic
the smoke cleared and vengence was feared for the rest of the year
vendors were robbed beaten and mobbed i was there
a melee on a may day i'm gifted with ak's
multiple crowds turned out to embrace the styles