View Full Version : rza_razor vs greenbee

deuce Lo
10-02-2005, 07:29 PM
20 line, 1 verse, 5 votes

deuce Lo
10-02-2005, 08:57 PM
green bee u bitch actin like u rockin the gold, but like a bad hand in cards u gots to fold
rollin blunts wit 4 leaf clovers cause hes a dumb fuck who needs all the luck
hes impotent so he cant fuck, so he needs his mom to help him get it up
usin that viagra shit, maybe he should use it for his rhymes, cause when hes rappin he can only last for about 5 lines
this is mine, u cant have it, you dont understand that im the best, u cant grasp it
green bee is a joke, hes jus a lame drunk irishman thats broke
the only thing good that u guys came up wit is whiskey, which is makin me frisky
for your mom cause shes a good fuck and i think she misses me
you shouldnt be in this battlefield, ur gonna get hurt
i been doin this for too long, u havent even put in work
come back here when ur ready to challenge me the great, cause right now you jus made a gamble with your life, with too high of stakes.
you about to lose this battle, and u havent even spit, how do i already know this, cause ur jus a dumb irish piece of shit
you jus a asshole wit no soul, you cant rhyme, u cant flow, get out of here, u gots 2 go
ive seen cats like u before, thinkin your the shit, but u wont think no more
i got my 9 ready, this will clear your thoughts, i can see right through u, and now ur caught
u be watchin your boy 50 to much, thinkin this rap games all bling and fame
guess wut, after i spit these lyrics im bustin through yo frame, and now i jus won the game

deuce Lo
10-03-2005, 01:00 PM
u plan on spittin any time soon u drunk bastard, dont be avoiding me cause u already loss boyee