View Full Version : conflicting thoughts

03-21-2010, 02:30 PM
I'm lost.. what the fuck happened to duane?
After acid I've changed i wanna go back to the same
Guy i was before i started going to my new school
My lifestyle was too smooth and now I'm not used to
Being kept waiting in a depressed state
Thinking maybe the next date will get my head straight
Sex is great but to be honest I still feel alone
I use it to fill my cup but the love just spills through holes
I wanna feel more whole and not so discontent
And it's gonna take a while to accept any different friends
I'm insecure like how I was as a little kid
I only feel normal the few hours that I'm on ritalin
Or when I'm drunk in the moment stumbling over
My thoughts stop running the show and I'm suddenly open
I'm not comfortable sober, What do I have to realize?
I feel like I need advice on how to lead my life
I used to be a people guy now being quiet doesnīt feel alright
I canīt even look into people's eyes
my rayban shades conceil my eyes and hide the stray cat gaze I keep inside..
But It's gonna be alright.. I guess it's just a setback
That I'll get past if I keep pushing and don't head back
I'm a kid that's lost, brought up with conflicting thoughts
It's silent after the shit just popped
Waiting for the Pin to drop
for you, hopefully the point will get across