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03-21-2010, 11:59 PM
What's up with all these losers in Philly? They have nothing better to do then to organize a ton of people via Facebook and other sites to run around and cause damage and act like savages? Time to start getting the snipers out on the buildings.

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It was a peaceable, laid-back scene Sunday afternoon on the 900 block of South Street - a far cry from the teenage flash mob scene the night before - and Michael Solomonov reflected on the volatility that had raced through the block like a bad case of raging hormones.
"You don't think about about this sort of stuff when you're making a business plan," he said.

He was having lunch at Percy Street Barbecue, which he co-owns along with other restaurants and, where for a few minutes late Saturday night, startled customers were left gasping from pepper spray that police used to disperse thousands of teens that had swarmed South Street east of Broad, reportedly summoned by text messages and Twitter.

By 10 p.m., crowd control had become a cat-and-mouse game, the overflow on South Street shooed away, only to surface near the Clothespin sculpture at 15th and Market where one witness reported a peak of 32 police cars and helicopters with searchlights overhead.

No significant property damage or injuries were reported and police said they made only three arrests - two for disorderly conduct and one for aggravated assault.

But the numbers didn't fully capture the terrifying moments some businesses experienced.

At Olympia II Pizza, 616 South St., pizza delivery man Seth Kaufman, 20, showed off nasty scrapes and bruises on his face and arms he said he sustained from kicks and punches while trying to keep a rowdy crowd from entering the shop to join a fight in progress: "He got beat up for us," owner Horula Psihogios , said through tears.

She has run the shop for 26 years with her husband, Pete.

Other witnesses described a scene that began innocently before sundown - young teens, most of them about 15 years old, aimlessly strolling the funky avenue of steak joints, tatto parlors and head shops on one of the first truly balmy evenings of spring.

But after sundown and continuing until 10:30 p.m., the crowds grew, and so did the a sense of unease.

How tight was it?

"It was 'concert-packed'," said Barry Williams, who works at Olympia Sports, a sneaker shop. "It was like Japan at lunch time," said his co-worker, Lacy Brown.

It reminded some neighborhood denizens of past mob scenes on South Street - for heavy-drinking Mardi Gras gatherings, and Greek Picnic weekends that once brought a surge of out-of-town African-American college students to the street.

At times harmless teenage high-jinks veered into more threatening scenes. One witness said that about 30 kids gathered in a scrum at the intersection of Sixth and South, jumping up and down until police dispersed them.

Several businesses blocked their doors by 9:30, or in the case of South Street Souvlaki, closed early: "By the time we left at 11ish," said bartender, Tom Morrin, "there was order outside."

The disturbances came against the backdrop of other similar scenes - a crowd that gathered May 30 at Broad and South, leaving a 54-year-old bicyclist critically injured when he was attacked by a gang of young men; roaming bands of youths fighting in The Gallery mall and accosting pedestrians in Center City in December and February; and fights on Broad Street earlier this month that resulted in 28 arrests and charges of felony rioting.

The bad publicity that has stemmed from those episodes left merchants on South Street in a bind, some trying to minimize that event, others calling for prompter police reponse - or restoring the mounted police that once patroled the area.

There was another dilemma: The return of warm weather has finally brought customers back to store's that suffered from slim business during an unusually snowy winter.

Percy Street Barbecue, for one, reported a record 288 covers Saturday night.

"The crowd reminded me of what South Street looked like 10 years ago," said Frank Murphy, at tattoo artist at Tattoo Eddies on Fourth Street's so-called Tattoo Alley. "We wouldn't have minded a flash mob at all. . .if they were all 18 years old and had money in their pocket."

http://www.philly.com/philly/news/breaking/20100321_On_South_Street__the_calm_after_flash_mob .html

Uncle Steezo
03-22-2010, 12:17 AM
so a bunch of kids were jumping up and down and the police started kickin ass?

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03-22-2010, 12:21 AM
No, you didn't read the article or hear the story I guess. The police didn't kick anybody's ass during this flash mob. The mob of savages like to go through cities and start attacking people for no reason and causing a lot of property damage. A person on a bicycle was killed during one of the flash mobs. I heard that the horse patrol might be coming back in Philly to deal with this. The savages are lucky that Rizzo isn't the mayor anymore or the german shepherds would have been biting their ugly asses.

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03-22-2010, 12:54 AM
Here is what some ugly girl had to say about the incident. I was able to decipher the few English words she used.


"South Street Was Crazii!!.Throwin Eggs,Hittin White Boyz, Breakin Windows, Diqeaters & More!. If Yu Aint Go Yu Was A Dummy!!lol.But Now Im Bored"

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04-16-2010, 09:20 PM
Here is an update concerning one of the flash mob incidents where a girl got punched by a guy from the flash mob. The coward laughed when he broke the girl's teeth.

================================================== ==============
-Support pours in for South Street assault victim

It's not that Anna Taylor will soon forget the swift and random punch in the face she suffered after finding herself in the midst of the flash mob that mushroomed around her on South Street March 20.

But the outpouring of concern lavished on her since her identity was made known earlier this week - including a phone call from Mayor Nutter - has mitigated the horror of the attack, when a teenager laughed as he broke one of Taylor's teeth and split her lip.

"It's easier to accept the terrible thing that happened," Taylor, 27, an uninsured waitress and mother of two, said Friday. "The love and support I'm getting from friends and strangers outweighs the violence. It makes it easier to sleep at night." Taylor, who is separated, lives in Chalfont.

After reading in The Inquirer that Taylor faces $7,000 in medical and dental bills, people began sending her money. Around $1,500 has been collected for Taylor so far, including $200 in tips donated by fellow waitresses at the Lovin' Oven in Frenchtown, N.J., where Taylor works. They added their money to a brimming jar filled by customers at the restaurant, which held a benefit for Taylor on Wednesday night.

Beyond the cash, a Northeast Philadelphia dentist offered to do thousands of dollars of work on Taylor's mouth free.

Clearly uncomfortable with the role of victim, Taylor turned off her phone during the last few days as people tried to reach her and register their sympathy.

Before she hit the off button, though, Nutter got in his call to the young woman, a poet and short-story writer who plans to be a nurse midwife.

"He apologized on behalf of the city," Taylor said of the brief call she received Wednesday night. "He said he hopes I continue to visit Philadelphia. And he offered to take me to a Phillies game. It meant something to me that he called."

Taylor and her boyfriend, John Kemp, were walking near South Street around 10:30 p.m. March 20 when the flash mob gathered. It seemed to follow the pattern of three similar mobs that quickly assembled in Center City on March 3, Feb. 16, and Dec. 18.

Kemp, 35, a house painter from Warminster, was hit twice in the head by another young man but was not seriously injured.

When Taylor was hit, her assailant said, "Bam, there's another one," she said.

Philadelphia Police Lt. Frank Vanore described Taylor's attacker Friday as an 18-year-old black male, adding that the case was still active.

Summoned by Internet messages and cell-phone texts and calls, thousands of teens and young adults swarmed South Street on the night of March 20, the first of spring.

Businesses locked their doors, traffic came to a standstill, and officers flooded the area.

Police arrested three people, but there were few reports of injuries, and none as serious as Taylor's.

"I had heard about the incidents but had no idea people really got hurt," said Jack Gorin, the dentist who volunteered his services. "I'd like to put Anna back together again so her mouth won't have any telltale signs of the incident and she doesn't have to be reminded of it all the time.

"I'd like to bring her smile back to the way it was, so she can get on with her life."

Despite Gorin's offer, Taylor said Friday that she was inclined to continue working with her current dentist in the Frenchtown area.

She added that people in Frenchtown were "part of a strong community that's family-oriented and into local and organic foods. We'd like to see more love and a lot less war."

The town is full of people who play music, said Dave Cahill, a musician who helped organize Taylor's benefit. He said Taylor's friends were thrilled by the concern people expressed.

"You can think the worst of the world and that the world is a scary place," Cahill said Friday. "But within all that bad, there's good. You can aim to help Haiti, or you can help a local woman without insurance. It shows you can make a large impact.

"How cool is that?"

-http://www.philly.com/philly/news/breaking/20100416_Support_pours_in_for_South_Street_assault _victim.html

04-17-2010, 11:20 AM
why has this thread gone norwegian?

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04-18-2010, 12:49 PM
Only a limited amount of real stories are allowed to be posted in Know the Ledge I believe?

04-18-2010, 04:40 PM
^ so if i was to post a similar thread such as your's in ktl it would be norwegian'd?

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04-18-2010, 04:44 PM

It might get closed first, or deleted. lol

04-21-2010, 07:00 PM
go ahead and get the thread back in KTL if you want - i'll keep it up until you start trying to subliminally slip racist shit into it

04-22-2010, 06:48 PM
No, you didn't read the article or hear the story I guess. The police didn't kick anybody's ass during this flash mob. The mob of savages like to go through cities and start attacking people for no reason and causing a lot of property damage. A person on a bicycle was killed during one of the flash mobs. I heard that the horse patrol might be coming back in Philly to deal with this. The savages are lucky that Rizzo isn't the mayor anymore or the german shepherds would have been biting their ugly asses.
what is you, white? yeah, must be.
anyway, pardon the pun, look though, who the-flock you callin' savages? check it, and Rizzo? racist-ass Frank Rizzo? and "their ugly asses"? what else you gotta' say about savages?

04-22-2010, 06:54 PM
go ahead and get the thread back in KTL if you want - i'll keep it up until you start trying to subliminally slip racist shit into it
X-actly. true colors is true colors.

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04-22-2010, 07:16 PM
How is it being racist to call a bunch of ignorant people that beat others up for no reason, savages? And the girl I called ugly in that pic is white. lol Are you drunk dude? What 'is' you.

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04-26-2010, 06:03 PM
--‘Flash mob’ teen apologizes for kicking unconscious boy

A 16-year-old girl who kicked a fellow teenager in the head during a Center City street "flash mob" this year publicly apologized to Philadelphia's residents Monday, telling Family Court Judge Kevin Dougherty that her "thoughtless and reckless behaviors affected not only me, but society."

"I want to switch schools so I can get a better education, get a job to help my mom and be a leader and not a follower," the girl tearfully read aloud from a letter, her voice shaking. "I know I made a mistake but . . . I believe I have started to make positive changes in my life in order to prove with my actions that I am a better person than when I got into this situation."

The teenager, whose grades have improved and who has received academic commendations in recent weeks, earned words of praise from Dougherty, who last month sent her to a juvenile detention center after she pleaded guilty to the assault.

Though the girl had hoped to return home, Dougherty did not release her from custody. He referred her to a less-restrictive residential treatment facility, noting that she is making progress and is headed in the right direction.

"I know you want to go home, and I want you to go home, but you know I'm not letting you," he said. "But you believe and you understand what you did was wrong, and I appreciate that."

The teenager, whom The Inquirer is not identifying because of her age, also will be allowed to visit her grandmother in the hospital, Dougherty said, prompting emotional words of thanks.

"I want to hug you right now," the girl said.

The teenager was one of dozens of young men and woman who rampaged through a Center City neighborhood on Feb. 16, knocking into pedestrians, throwing snowballs and creating mayhem. Police officers saw the girl kick a 15-year-old boy in the head as he lay unconscious and bleeding on the ground, injuries he sustained after a scuffle with another group of teens.

Last month she told Dougherty she kicked the boy because he had punched her in the face earlier that day and knocked her tooth out. Dougherty, who noted that she missed 28 days of school since the start of the school year and was suspended for fighting, called her a "problem child" and warned that her anger issues made her a threat to herself and others.

On Monday, Dougherty learned the girl's teachers have given her a "most improved student" award, and reviewed a recent report card containing A's and B's.

"Look at your grades!" he said. "Fantastic!"

The girl told Dougherty that when she returns home, she will work hard to stay out of trouble.

"I do have goals and will achieve them," she said. "I am not heading down the wrong path."