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03-24-2010, 03:04 PM
verse one

We got alot of freedom son we can free the dumb speaking through the drum
home land security terrorizes the population since the day 9/11 a.k.a. the n.w.o. begun
did big brother kill pac because to them he was troublesome?
can a rose that made it through the concrete really blossom?
answers are inside the brain that's not programmed
as a minor i thought i was the man with grands in my hand
we complain but deal with pain it's ashame the puppets were praising
seeds the churches, and college educations aren't saving
prisons enslave them as well as these fake ass rappers
can i get a amen?
shorties momma's a basehead so i can't blame him for slanging?
jose got a free college degree instead he chose bangin'
Over books half these killers on the mic are fake crooks with shook looks
the victim of jooks in a third world country your head would get took
who am i too judge? a fake blood throwing a set-up
then he's throwing his hands up fore he gets wet-up
what kind of lessons are they throwing out
so know little girls listen to nikki menaj
and dream of dicks in their mouths
i'm not hating on the south or any coast but that crunk shit i can do without


you got running water, lights, gas and food
still you complain and do nothing for the good of your hood
imagine living in haiti, or chile when the quakes hit
we got it good and we claim were less fotunate

verse 2

i see my people die and just sigh where's the relief?
the homeless suffering and Mcdonald's throwing out beef
i smoke a leaf cause most of them disagree with my belief
it's apparent noone cares that we out here dyin' in the streets
the pastor can preach til his last breath i'm not following his steps
because how can a man plan my life when he's not living right??
these fiends need fixes, the pimps need bitches, and a car with switches
entertainers belive in their godly image and die with a bank account full of riches
this nation was ran on bloody buisness so why think things will change?
i wake up in a pool of sweat cause the times we live in are strange
color shoudn't be an issue cause i see whites suffering in the game
so will i stay in the u.s. of a i feel like leaving this evening

03-24-2010, 05:22 PM
word this was conceptually dope I can here the "we got it good" line from whatever song it came from nice track