View Full Version : break the bondage

03-26-2010, 10:34 AM
verse one

I'm a young mack in slacks slaughtering drum tracks
bust how guns clap you majors sacked like quarterbacks
face the facts once my toes are stepped on there's no turning back
Beat a hova until he fade to black favorite weapons a blade and axe
we in the shack shackiling tracks on the way my dro connect
fuck who flows the best or if theyr'e from the south, east or west
i'm broke without checks barely breathing smoking too many ciggaretts
what's the use for c.p.r. he won't respond once rockets hit his chest
laid to rest some others spending the rest of their days in the darkness
cannon sparkers with choppers death is a daily digestion
voter registration the politrix are a power skit
bomb the building floor by floor like some 9/11 shit


he breaks the bondage of ignorance with militance
getting so high he can see angels through the tints
he came to conquer the game with dominance

verse two

deep in depressions dimension i became a rogue warrior
a father of one my father was scum wanted to pistol whip him
A bitch sripprd him of his man hood left me and my mom alone in the hood
Life was hideous but with drug money i was getting in good
Nobody understood the projects of blair witches under the wood
young in the ghetto surround ed by o.g.'s like edo cluctching heavy metal
catching cases around the same time killah priest released heavy mental
nothing to get into but hustling, and pussy
Besides hip-hop and a mop on top that was bushy

last verse