View Full Version : EXPENDABLES [Official Trailer Online]

03-31-2010, 09:36 PM

Fucking brilliant

03-31-2010, 09:55 PM
awesome. this might be the best action film in years

04-01-2010, 06:51 AM
oh yess! Im seeing this just out of the fact that Arnold and Stallone are on the same scene

Love the crazy line up of actors

04-01-2010, 05:49 PM

04-01-2010, 06:20 PM
this looks too sik, the scene with Arnold and Stallone jus seems legendary. this films gonna bring action films back to where they belong.

04-01-2010, 06:21 PM
or put a nail in the coffin of em..eloels..either way...will be entertaining.

04-03-2010, 12:03 PM
I just watched the trailer and i liked what i saw. I'm gonna check it out. Lot of action stars in this one. Good to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in a movie again because it's been a long time since he's done one. Who is Randy Coutour? He looks familiar. Is he a wrestler? Mickey Rourke has gotten fat. Sylvester directed this movie right? Is it PG-13 or R?

Lex Lugor
04-03-2010, 07:44 PM
YESS people have been talking this the motherfucking hell up. Seeing this in theatres fo sho

04-03-2010, 11:42 PM
think its R, jones..and yes he did.

04-10-2010, 12:05 PM
Did ya'll know Sylvester tried to get Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme to be in The Expendables? They turned him down because Steven got into a argument with the producer because the producer is getting paid more than him and Steven doesn't want that hahahahahahahaha. Jean turned it down because he wanted to know what his character was gonna be and Sylvester wouldn't tell him but Sylvester did tell him he was gonna get paid a lot of money. How can a person turn down a lot of money? LOL. I understand that some actors don't wanna play certain characters and that's cool but if Sylvester was gonna have Jean do some asskicking like he usually does, then take the damn money LOL.

04-10-2010, 12:06 PM
Who is Randy Coutour?

04-13-2010, 12:09 PM
^^hes one of, if not the greatest ufc champion of all time. and a damn nice guy too.

cannot wait for this flick to drop...i feel like im 10 each time i watch the trailer.

04-14-2010, 01:18 AM
Looks fuckin awesome.