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04-01-2010, 02:19 PM
verse one

fake niggas fade quicker in the storm's start
torn apart every bodypart severed from deadly darts
out in the dark heart's scower masters lost power
no longer courageous travelin' death stages
it hurts to see one who slipped to think i'd skip em like pages
i think not he's spinx hot to trot lay off the block or lose your spot
your like a tot stopped from eating feces dope your not
u can get 2 executions poked, or popped
disturbing me while i'm toking pot
make a choice i rock cities like royce
we heavy like rolls on fatso's
react blow lay em down with a calico
bad night when stuck shouldv'e kept your ice tucked
you dumb fuck beef deaded with a head but before lead struck
you said what?? keep it up and get cut close like a line-up


the common goal is to maintain one's flow
behold run for shelter when he unloads
loads of flows to flatter the globe

verse two

We back to rule and roast a few here's a toast to doom
Not MF but find a mask for fumes i gassed the room
sealed the windows so all the smoke you consumed
it's fortunate you lived to be given another vendetta date
give a fuck if you don't relate to relativity
peace for a treaty or a frontline causltie
on the same shit the vein hit with too much
garbage dilutes the blood out to sleep with a punch
russian boxin' conference don't interfere
or get laid where the blade begun to tear
flesh from bone the livest poems are never thrown
or shown only spoken when a bond is broken from guns smoking
you can fuck a girl, but can you get her open?
so stop provoking a match when you lack fire raps
you ain't running shit but a couple of laps

last verse

lately my written's been off like unpaid lights
around here you ain't hustlin' without a fight
that's what living is a test to achieve
so i shyne from rikers to belize
better belive you either hate it or your intriqued
to give me a pound with the hand or squeeze
niggas flippin' keys to feed they seeds
strength comes in numbers
so dupilicate the great and just break
from pressure applied just step to the side
u can put the b.s. aside or just ride
have it your way peace, or war
Cause in the play-off's i'm out-shining the final four
from the surface to core i create gore
raw like those dominicans in front of the corner store

04-05-2010, 10:40 AM
some ILL shit JTS

damn, id love to cipher with you fam in person, shit all you S9 fams would make for an ill cipher. one day lol

peace J

04-05-2010, 12:29 PM
this would be some sick so i feel the same about u, menes and jts that cipher in person would be sick as hell

04-22-2010, 02:44 AM
thanks guys