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04-08-2010, 05:23 AM
join it or be a sucka


04-08-2010, 05:42 AM
hahahaahahahahahahaha r u serious ?

04-08-2010, 06:31 AM
hahahaahahahahahahaha r u serious ?

i wouldnt post it if i wasnt serious. this shit is for real yall.

04-09-2010, 12:13 AM
my rap i wrote for this cause, more to come:

Part 1

bling blang

your ears rang
when the bang came
a force of a thousand swords
blowin out from vocal chords

raps of many years
stabbin you directly in your ears

you spill your beer
stare like a deer

where did it come from
where did it make me run

have i been scared
or have i been dared

to question reality
and the definition of normality

an episode of ren and stimpy
it left me limping and skimping

off the bottom rungs of society
a group that decides for me


if you feel that this is offensive
then stay on the otherside of the fence, dig?

you cant hang with a crew
that makes its own brew

a bud of hybrids
sativa, indica..... open your eye lids

see a better day
dont be a piece of clay

become an active member
and dont get cancer

thats what they feed you, those feds
they inject it into you till your veins spew red

theyre gonna pay for their sins
and become a kin to NIN

nails in your coffin
that leave you coughin

suffocating, pleading
to be freed from your bleeding

you set it upon your soul
to reap havoc upon our goal

a life no more sadder than you
your face slowly turns blue


charlie almost got kicked out the factory
but youre way below satisfactory

sons of masons
freedom comes with patience

we waited for you to realize
the pain and suffering in your own eyes

but you continued to badger
my mind that matters

if all men were equal
there wouldnt be people

just one
under a sun

below are lyrical swords
that stab you in the gore


your guts will fly from my artistry
under a cloud of fakery

wu is the sun
that breaks through my son

a song of these words
organismic blurbs

blogs and nobs
turning them, spinning them

thats all you did right?

you just played countries off their blinds

well now they are open, to let the light in

Wu-tang clan aint nothin to fuck with

but you fucked with it.


04-09-2010, 12:49 AM
Part 2

This is where shit begins
My life opens matter on a whim

the atoms split to quarks
string theory brings about the worst

my fist up your ass
ram it up nice and crass

does that make your face cringe?
does it make your skin singe?

yea, thats my brand upon your hide
like a mini roller coaster ride

of real feeling and dealing
for fuckin realing

your sons and daughters better hope
they smoke some of this dope

a rope of hemp that should be legal
self perpetuation, it flies as a seagul


the waves of space and time
vibrate through these rhymes

flick me a dime
the next time you see me on the side

of the street corner
its been a boredom

but now its time for you to rise
the sun comes up for you guys

we see you every night
less of homes, its not right

we must gather fists
and send them through the mist

created by the father of babylon
it birthed millions of wrongs

that stretched out across time
it aint sublime


wu will help you cross the river
to a better liver

we dont need shit caught in the filter
just eat right and youll be fitter

illuminati aint i
you could say rasta but its just i and i

its simple as that
a union that includes rats

but not roaches
they toasted

red and blue lights combine
watch out for its signs

theyre trying to put you in a building
so they can get rid of me

this me could be any of us
so dont question it, just flush

the hatred down the toilet
its a real royal let down

the rap breaks up
flow of heavens through my cup

can the elite freestyle
naw they too mild

im as spicy as currie
the essence of fury


04-09-2010, 01:01 AM
part 3 will come later... critiques??

04-09-2010, 02:49 AM
last part

Part 3

So..... we continue
down a road of sinue

its disgusting in its nature
so i destest its cure

a nation built off monopoly
a world sustained on tense heat

volcanoes pop off the tops of heads
of those whose anger, unblends

a flow that gets clogged
caused by the ugly hogs

the gold powered exhaust pipe
that spews out pure unright

its solid good
which causes rude

soul power is whats real
bad brains under its peal

a fruit of nectars, sweet and fine
powder that clouds my vibes

an air as toxic as arisol
which bends my polyester folds

random functions deep within
cause crawling under the skin

itchy sticky melty gooey
rich with good it could be called moody

a negative reaction to a positive thing
built on destroying the too much bling

unnatural sense of defending peace
it revels in its own lack of fecies

uncontrolable life within
that doesnt exist in the end.


morbid are the words of truth
you might need an information booth

let that be the people you care
cause they unlock the true nightmare

night's reality sets in quick
but not to fear light comes with a click

its a decision of which it is
you choose to vanquish his

let that be a warning to all
to move away when it comes to fall

recognize the shadow before
then use that knowledge to report

finding things is always key
to a person who is cleanly.


whats so cool about a bell?
it rings on 2012

wu-tang for presidency
and escape hell.

04-09-2010, 03:13 AM