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04-14-2010, 04:11 AM
A violent, drunken night of carnage saw a Christchurch man ram an ambulance and police cars, and defy two cans of pepper spray while threatening to shoot police with a pistol he didn't have, a court has heard.

Cody Derek Martin, 23, a labourer, admitted a total of 15 charges when he appeared in Christchurch District Court today.

The charges included two of threatening to kill, seven of assault with a weapon -- five alleging he used a car in the assault -- assault, breach of community detention, reckless driving, drink-driving, wilful damage and failing to stop for police.

The court was told that on March 13, in the suburb of Mairehau, Martin argued with a friend and punched him in the mouth, causing cuts and loosening four teeth. The victim fled with his sister and niece to call police and an ambulance.

Martin then attacked his own BMW car with a crowbar and smashed palings on a neighbour's fence.

He then held a knife to the throat of a person who told him the first victim's three-year-old niece had been hurt, until his ex-partner told him they would be fine and were being treated in an ambulance along the road.

Martin stabbed the knife into the dashboard of his car and drove it out the gate -- a breach of his community detention -- and crashed it into the front of the ambulance, shunting it a metre. Three people were inside it at the time.

Martin drove off but was soon chased by police. He weaved among traffic on Marshland Rd, accelerated to 140kmh, passed cars on the left and put his arm out the window to give police "the finger".

At one stage his car became airborne and fishtailed when it hit a raised driveway section.

He lost control at a roundabout and struck the traffic island and kerbing. He then reversed and tried to ram a police car, but lost control as the police reversed at 70kmh.

He repeated the manoeuvre with the same result -- crashing backwards into a fence.

Martin then drove forward and crashed into the back of the patrol car, shunting it forwards.

The police officer jammed on the brakes and engaged reverse. Martin's car was shoved back 50m in the pushing match that followed.

It ended when he fled on foot carrying a baseball bat. He ran down an unlit country road but stopped and confronted the chasing police.

As he advanced, the police hit him with two full cans of pepper spray. They had no effect and Martin told them: "You stupid pigs, that s**t doesn't affect me."

Martin was ready to swing the bat but a civilian car pulled up behind with large spotlights illuminating the scene. Martin turned and ran, continually stopping to threaten the police with the bat, until he was cornered against a farm fence.

He threatened to take a pistol out of his belt to shoot the police but when a third officer arrived he saw there was no pistol in his hand. Two police approached and struck him and he dropped the bat.

He was dragged to the ground by the three officers and fought long and hard before he was cuffed and searched. No pistol was found.

He was found to have a breath-alcohol level of 755mcg of alcohol to a litre of breath. The limit is 400mcg.

Martin was remanded in custody for sentence on May 7, pending a pre-sentence report.


lol, drunken fuckers get it so easy here in New Zealand! The pigs only just got introduced with tasers!

04-14-2010, 06:49 PM
If he was black he woulda been dead a loooong time ago.

Drunken Monk
04-14-2010, 07:30 PM
lol@ signature