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Lex Lugor
04-16-2010, 06:58 PM
Earlier today man, that thread popped into my head and it gave me courage so I figured fuck it.
I hardly ever engage in such a conversation with a 10+ year age difference but I did it:cool:, I dont know if yall consider it a fail but it didnt really go anywhere immediately sexual though.
It was at the city library LOL, (it was just a lady not a librarian) I invented some bullshit I needed to do close to her and then I started out mentioning the weather LOL, but in a positive way cause it was a great day and yea she responded. I had a way to get IN, she was there renting DVDs LMAO! I swear to god, and besides the fact that I genuinely enjoy watching any movie really, I had a sweet line that hinted oh so vaguely at my sexual advances. I was a big fat puss though, I ended up doing nothing:ouch:.

What I found out is that with small talk I wont really make an impression, I figure next time I'll man the fuck up instead of being such a fag and flirt hard from the get go. We have nothing but boning to do with each other anyway. Call that lesson one in 'Lex's becoming a mans man, A cumming of age tale'.

Uncle Steezo
04-16-2010, 07:50 PM
you gotta play to win.

its a descent start. just imagine the shoe on the other foot... a young chick hollers at you. you'd be flattered. unless you are like 16 and she was 12 but even still you'd be like "justin beiber who?!" while pimpstrutting away.

she gonna feel the same way about you. her reservsations are most likely trying to keep from wrongly assuming your advance was sexual and embarrassing herself. cause "why would a young guy holla at her when you can be gettin at young chix?"

trust me. worst case, she will let you down really easy. so easy that it actually motivates you to keep spitting. milfs are very nice, they're mothers.

04-17-2010, 02:51 AM
Walk up to her, next time, with your dick hanging out the zipper and be more direct. Stand closer in her space even. Make direct eye contact, and then scan down to her toes and back up with a tough guy smirk. Let her know, you're the shit.

04-17-2010, 02:53 AM

04-17-2010, 03:44 AM
d00d thts like 2nd grade advances man thts shit my little cousin did 2 years ago lol nd tht niggas 13... the key is to just not give aa fck abt rejection if she rejects u or w/e like who the fuck cares? if shes an asshole abt it snap on tht bitch even if she does look fine....but while u have to not give a fuck tht doesnt mean u roll up to her being a total asshole..idk its hard to explain my nigga it cums naturally lol...

nd if u hang out with other niggas tht bag bitches u will in turn bag more bitches...if ur niggas is nerds nd bag 0 bitches then u prob will too