View Full Version : deuce lo vs the god concept ( VOTES NEEDED )

deuce Lo
10-04-2005, 06:22 PM
20-25 lines, 1 drop each, 5 votes

Tryin to battle me will get any jackass nowhere fast
like bald tires steady spinning in wet grass or tryin to clean up the aftermath of a nuclear blast
ask the last three "emcees" that crossed my path
made em mad,now two go to other forums to post their trash
the last one is still tryin to sound like he's big and bad, makin me laugh
his flow are more fucked up now than it was before we clashed, cause he got paralyzed in my lyrical bloodbath,so come one, come all and get mangled
split you from temple to torso, then again from asscheek to ankle
have you seein stars without the spangles,like Sylvester and that baby kangarooI can't be handled, the number one mic vandal, takes two to tango
so step up and get shattered to shambles or what have you, I hope it's flow, cause everyone appreciates a good show,don't take it personal, like you owe me dinero,then you'd be dead broke with a 4-4 against your nose release your soul from it's host and get ghost,I be gone off hydro and No-Doz as I duck and dodge the po-po, on my way to NYC to lay low off in loft in lo
but back to these posts I give props where they are owed, be it friend or foe
I also dissolve egos like salt does snow, in groups or solo better act like ya'll know, cause I give a fuck who's the first to go
so inhale that and blowI told ya'll before any challenge I'll gladly greet,draw my mic from it's sheath and mistreat whoever I compete,spit that heat every time I open my mouth to speak
leave all weak emcees resting in disbelief

tha god concept
10-05-2005, 06:09 AM
yo its deuse lo the shemale giggalo
u can catch him at the gay bars touchin his toes
gettin stuffed in the middle like the whyte shit in oreos
all his homo bros callem the gaping glory hole

imma rip u apart right from the start
gauge out ur eyes than pull out ur heart
tyson your ear cause i heard ur a narc
then burry ur body in ur trailer park

yo i drop gems like clumsy arabian thieves
you lap up cum from the bums of homeless peeps
your whole style is weak....kid catch a clue
im like SHERLOCK and ur juss the GUM under my SHOE

how the fuck can u even call me me out
"no really"
cause dont u always got fuckin a dick in ya mouth
so feel me ..... but not in the way that i know ud like
i mean peep out the way that i rock the mic

when im fuckin spittin i cripple you with lyrics
all ya raps do is tickle me when i hear it
imma take ya spirit......and pluck ya like a stolen flower
this battles over go hit the golden showers

10-05-2005, 06:45 AM
Ill have to give my vote to Deuce,
His wordplay and creativity are more organized as a story and a plot,
not just punchlines.

deuce Lo
10-05-2005, 12:08 PM
Thanks For The Vote 1-0 Deuce Lo So Far

10-06-2005, 12:05 AM
Close battle, I really liked most of concepts' punchlines althou, a couple were jabs vs hooks but thought Duece verse stayed connect, had the better flow and it's also a major step up from that other verse I read while this was one of your weaker battles Concept, props rza, this one's a major upgrade, part of the reason you get my vote.peace

D vs G C


guess since my ratings are a tie you'll just have to go by what I said.

deuce Lo
10-06-2005, 11:23 AM
thanks eric, ya i really fealt i did better then before

2-0 deuce lo so far keep votin everyone