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Hollow Dartz
04-24-2010, 06:26 PM

Track listing:

01: Lyrical Disaster
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

02: Raised Cain
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

03: Double 09
[Performed by 9th Prince, and Boy Jones]
[Produced by *Monster]

04: I will Rise
[Performed by 9th Prince, The RZA, and Thea Van Seijan]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

05: Interlude
06: Young Gods Pt. II
[Performed by 9th Prince, and Shyheim]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

07: Interlude II

08: Dear R&B
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

09: Cyanide Poetry
[Performed by 9th Prince, and Killah Priest]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

10: Revolution Music
[Performed by 9th Prince, and *Planet Asia]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

11: Love & Hate
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

12: Grandfather Flow
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

13: Snatching Pocketbooks
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

14: Sour Diesel
[Performed by 9th Prince, *William Cooper, and Shyheim]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

15: Height of the Recession
[Performed by 9th Prince, and Islord]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

16: Just In Case
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

17: Target Practice
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by *BP for 11701 Productions]

Taken From Wu-International

Ok, I'm guessing I'm the first to go at this one, well let me go in...

1. Lyrical Disaster (Feat. Islord)*
The album starts off with a Banger, 9th Prince starts off with a verse describing his jail time (which we will have to hear throughout the whole album). He sounds pretty good though, his flow is on point and slowed down pretty much like the Bonus tracks on Prince of New York but he sounds better on here. Islord on the hook is nice, good to see Killarmy still doing shit with each other. The beat on here is nice on this one. A good track to start off this album. 4/5

2. Raised Cain*
I'm feeling the beat on this one, the hook is nasty too, who is that sample by? 9th is cool here, his flow on here is choppy though and lyrics could be better, but this one still does damage. It sounds like he's dissing the south in the 3rd verse if you listen clearly but I think they cut it out for some reason. Lyrically he could've came better on here. 4/5

3. Double 09 (Feat. Beretta 9 & Boy Jones)
The only good part about this song is Beretta 9's verse, after that you can hit skip. Beretta 9 is flowing on here nicely and drops a solid verse, after that it just goes downhill. The hook is weak, 9th could've came up with something better than that. Boy Jones is trying too hard to come up with his own style while sounding like his dad at the same time, he sounds weak on here he really needs to step his game up. 9th Prince's verse was nothing special either, it sounds like what we've heard on the first 2 tracks. 3/5

4. I Will Rise (Feat. Rza & Thea)*
This is the best track on the album along with Cyanide Poetry. First of all this beat is nasty, BP did his thing on this one for sure I'm loving it. 9th Prince sounds hungry on this one, his flow is still choppy though but it's for the better on this one so I'll give him a pass. "Warlord Sportsman" my favorite line on this one. "Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane, no it's me high as a fucking kite", "I had to smack this cat in the hat, looking like Dr. Seuss" he had some nice lines on this one. Thea actually isn't wack on here like she usually is, she adds an extra boost to the hook. Rza drops a pretty solid verse to bring this one home, this is in my top 3 on the album. 4.5/5

5. Interlude

6. Young Godz Pt. II (Feat. Shyheim)*
Kind of disappointed with this one, I was expecting some hard shit like Pt. I but this beat doesn't do it for me on here. Shyheim drops a solid verse on here and 9th is aight, could've been better. not too much I can say about this one, I usually skip this one. 3/5

7. Interlude II

8. Dear R & B
This is weak right here, I'mma give 9th Prince props on the concept but he sounds like a rapist on the track, especially that second verse, especially with the aggressiveness in his voice, that didn't help out too much either. Beat is weak on here too. 2.5/5

9. Cyanide Poetry (Feat. Killah Priest)
When Killah Priest is a guest on your track, make sure your bars are up to par. The beat is nice on this once, some chill shit, 9th Prince opens up good, but he could've went in some more. The hook on here is weak I must add, he could've came up with something better or just let the beat ride and Priest just starts rapping, this is poetry you know. Killah Priest just slaughters his verse, he shows why he is that nigga, superb display of flow and lyrics. Overall this is pretty solid. 4/5

10. Revolution Music (Feat. Planet Asia)
I give 9th credit on the first verse, he went in on this one I can't front at all on that, this song deserves it's title after his verse. Second verse was aight. Planet Asia delivers heat on this one making this one a keeper. 4/5

11. Love/Hate
Wack. 1/5

12. Grandfather Flow
This is ok. Nothing special, 9th isn't saying anything to keep you from hitting skip. Beat is aight. Not too much to say about this one. "Granddaddy Flow Sneakers" was an ill line though.. 3/5

13. Snatching Pocketbooks
Not feeling this one either, rhymes are weak on this one. 9th Prince needs to work on that seriously if he plans on leading any type of movement like he says."Kick rhymes like Karate" that's not good enough for an album with a Wu-Tang logo on it. Beat is aight nothing to be hype over. 2.5/5

14. Sour Diesel (Feat. William Cooper & Shyheim)
"I want Jay-Z & Lil' Wayne Spot", then you gonna have to come better than that on this one 9th, destroy the mic. Shyheim drops another solid verse good to hear he still has the talent. William Cooper drops a solid verse too, it kind of sounds like he's off beat a lil bit though, he still goes in on here, a nice verse to bring it home. 3.5/5

15. Heist of The Recession (Feat. Islord)
This could've been way better, they should've done retakes until they got it right. Islord isn't even rapping, he is just talking on his verses I'm not feeling that. 9th Prince had to carry the torch on this song, I gotta give him props for that, storytelling was good on his part. Beat is nice on here too. But this could've been executed better, seriously. 3/5

16. Just In Case*
This beat is nice right here, 9th could've went in better on this one though, the flow on here and rhymes were slacking. You can still sit through this one though, it's better than most of the other tracks on this album that were of the same caliber. 3.5/5

17. Target Practice*
Target Practice indeed, dartz weren't on point. He had that one line "Fuck Rosa Parks, i would've shot a nigga for my seat" That was the illest line on this whole album, I needed to hear more of that on this album, that shit was fucking raw right there. Also a Holocaust reference was made "What I did to Holocaust was heartless" I wonder what he meant by that line right there, hopefully we can find out soon. 9th rides out on the beat though, he sounds more hungry at the end of the track were he starts going off @ the last 1:07 min, of the song. 3.5/5

Beats - 3.5/5
Lyrics - 3/5
Overall - 3/5

I'm glad to hear new material from 9th Prince after his release from jail, but some thing bothered me on here
1. Jail References, we know you did a 3 1/2 bid but do we have to hear that on almost half of the album? Any track with * next to it has a Jail Reference in it.
2nd Problem was Flow, like I said in my Prince of New York Review 9th needs to establish a flow if he wants to really do some damage to these wack mc's, he definitely has the ability but he really needs to work on that, his flow killed some songs on here, I will give him props because he sounded better on here then the Prince of New York Bonus tracks which were VERY suspect.
My 3rd problem and I'm shocked to say this but the Lyrics on here could've been way better, it seems like he dumbed it down for some strange reason but whatever the cause that really needs to be fixed.
9th Prince is one of my favorite Wu-Killa Beez & Killarmy members I never thought I would have to say that in a million years.
In other news, the production by BP was pretty good I must add, he came through with some heat on this one, a few other producers would've been good to hear and probably could've replaced some of those filler songs. Don't get me wrong though, this has a few gems on it that are worth the listen so don't sleep.****Overall 3/5***

04-25-2010, 05:25 AM
Dope review.

na diel
04-28-2010, 04:50 PM
Killarm alive and well... i gave this album the classic vote on the strength that more albums like this will emerge from Wu's fountain of lyrical warriors.

Dr. Simon Hurt
04-30-2010, 02:04 PM
double 09 is such a waste of a dope beat, boy jones needs his tongue cut off.

lyrical disaster, cyanide poetry, raised cain, on the rise, and revolution music are dope...the rest is just sort of there imo...9th is continuing to improve, but it's still a mixture of killer lines and laughably corny ones

pretty good album, but his weakest imo...and definitely not his '36 chambers, illmatic, ready to die'

05-31-2010, 04:06 AM
the album is good

"Cyanide Poetry" "Heist Of The Recession" are my fav joint that keep me hype each time i hear them but for some reason I keep coming back to his Mixtape "Revenge Is Coming" songs like "Killa Machinez" "Dark Room" "Concrete Jungle" is what the album is missing specially beats like "Street Gem" and "Top Secret" these 2 joints here got a special place in my heart they are raw and dark just to my taste something i wanted to hear for years

05-31-2010, 02:22 PM
i already heard the double 09 beat somewhere...

06-03-2010, 05:35 PM
Sick joint. the Prince still got his flow, I love it.

08-25-2010, 04:57 PM
Shyheim shined on this

11-03-2010, 11:14 AM
i cant get into his albums just dont like he flow he sounds like he in 2nd grade or something