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Sena was born January 31, 1975 to a middle-class family in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. Her father was a carpenter, and she had two older brothers and one younger brother. Sexually precocious from an early age, Sena's first exposure to pornography was at the age of 13 when she secretly viewed a hardcore American video in her father's collection. She attributes her preference for foreign men to this experience. Another of her father's videos inspired Sena to begin masturbating with a vacuum cleaner. She recalls, "I eventually did it so hard that my skin ripped and blood was going everywhere. That's when my grandfather came in... he saw me against the wall, my legs spread apart wide and a vacuum cleaner hose in my pussy. He just told me that I had a phone call and left... He looked too embarrassed to say anything."
Sena lost her virginity while still a 14 year old junior-high school student. During this time she gained sexual experience through encounters with older men, including her friends' fathers, whom she credits for teaching her about sex toys. About a year after her first sexual encounter, she was picked up by members of the yakuza. The gang took her to a love hotel, where other men were waiting. She was forced to give fellatio to members of the gang for two hours. This encounter, to which she credits her oral skills, was followed by a karaoke session.


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Luna Lane

My early life For as long as I can remember, I have been taking my clothes off for men. As a small child, I was regarded as "cute" and, in the south of France where I was born, I spent much of my life naked in front of cameras. There was no actual sex involved so it was regarded as "art" rather than "child porn". However, it didn't take me long to work out that the wider I opened my legs, the better were the presents I received from my father's friends who came round at weekends.
My English father was aerospace designer David Smith, son of WW2 and Korean War veteran, David "Dai" Smith and his Iranian-born wife Gertrude Harutunian. They had met during a forces stint in Armenia in the 1950s.
My mother was born in French Catalunya to French and Spanish Catalans living in Andorra. She had spent most of her working life in Florida, USA, programming computers for NASA. They met at an Arianespace Conference in Vernon, married in 1980, and I was the result.
By the time I was ten, pics of me were in private collections and in illegal magazines all over Eastern Europe.
My teenage life. It was then that my life changed completely. My mother was driving to visit her parents in February 1991, then living in Les Escaldes, Andorra, and I was strapped in the back seat. Whether it was the ice, the speed at which she drove, we'll never know. Investigating police suspected sabotage because it is thought that my mother was about to "blow the whistle" about what was going on at home. The road over the plateau from Prats-de-Mollo in France to Mollo in Spain is a road to be avoided even in mid summer. In winter, it can be treacherous. Our car went through the barrier and plunged into the ravine a hundred feet below.
By the time they found us, I was in a freezing unconsciousness, bleeding profusely from cuts to my legs and chest as well as internal injuries to my abdomen from the lap seatbelt. We were rushed to Barcelona where I underwent emergency surgery. I was soon out of danger but my father, when he arrived, was assured that my internal injuries were so severe that I would never be able to have children. They had been unable to save my mother.
It was only a matter of weeks before father and I were in England at his family home in Branksome Park, Dorset.
http://www.banksidepublishing.com/spacegirls/simone/dance01.png http://www.banksidepublishing.com/spacegirls/simone/library.png Within a few months, I was again modelling for visiting groups of men. They paid extra if I allowed myself to be photographed "touching" the men, intimately. By the time I was twelve, I was holding and kissing their private parts. I have to say that there was no pressure or coercion involved. I discovered very quickly that as soon as I had their penis in my hand or mouth, I wielded great power over them. Being videotaped posing in sexual positions with them soon led to actual penetration. At no time did I ever have sex with boys of my own age. All my activity was with men of my father's age or greater. The only time I came close to mating with males of my own generation was after I had gone to college in Edinburgh. At a party, I danced for post graduates which led to sex.
It was around this time, when I was seventeen, that I met my cousin and her father from the Lake District. Lee and my father were step-brothers but had not seen much of each other and made contact only by greeting cards at Xmas and the like. Lee was still getting over a marriage, 35 years in length. I fell in love at once but Lee was not yet over his first wife. Sarah was on holiday from the USA where she was making comic-book nude sessions. I was just sitting my advanced exams in Astrophysics and would have time free afterwards. My room-mate at college was from Portland, Oregon, so we made arrangements from me to fly out and spend some time at home with her there.
Becoming a porn-star. Almost immediately, I was offered work as a club dancer. It was there that I was spotted by Matt Fracas of Matt's Models and agreed to pose for him. I used the name I had used as a dancer - Tiffany. The shoot included a video, not good quality, but enough to attract the interest of other photographers. Most of these were of the "one man and his camcorder" variety, renting motel rooms for cheap shoots, allegedly as auditions for the bigger studios.
No I was not stupid. I knew right from the start that all they wanted to do was get into my knickers by any plausible means. But they were generally older men, like the ones who had taken pics of me as a teenie. So I decided to just enjoy it. I was never conned or persuaded to do anything against my will. Within a month, I was being photographed and videotaped having some kind of sex with a dozen or more men a week, using the name Annie as my contract with the strip club would not allow me to pose as Tiffany.
By the end of summer, 1999, Amateurpages had filmed and photographed me as Ryan, ALS had done softcore shoots using the name Emily, and I had done other work for CDGirls and other relatively smaller studios.
http://www.banksidepublishing.com/spacegirls/simone/tiffany.png http://www.banksidepublishing.com/spacegirls/simone/bottle01.pngDuring the autumn of 1999, I came to the attention of the bigger studios and was being offered work all over the South-Western states of USA. As a relative newcomer, I was doing try-out in the mornings, often with 5-6 male pornstars. From these a couple were chosen for rehearsals, leading to the actual filming, usually the following day. It was not unusual for me to be having sex with 20-30 different men in any given week. Off-screen, my love-life was non-existent. At the end of 1999, I was suffering from over-tiredness and decided to take a couple of weeks out and return to Europe with Sarah. We went to her father's apartment in Spain where I found Lee again - by this time living with another porn model, my friend Natalje Reiborn who had worked under the stage name Ember.
I have to admit to being incredibly jealous. But we all went out together on a bar-crawl on Millennium Night where Naj admitted that they had never actually slept together and that Lee actually had a thing going for me and watched my videos all the time. Quite a change for a man who had only ever had one wife.
After a few drinks, we ended up on the beach together. And then on the hood of the car in the car park, back at the apartment on the floor, the table, the settee and the bed.
From 2000 onwards. He asked me to marry him but I said "no". How could I? I was in the middle of several running contracts. I would love to have said "yes" and stuck to doing softcore-only shoots. But it was impossible. I knew that I had dozens of men to perform with over the next few months. How could I marry Lee and still fuck all these other men?
He said he didn't mind but I minded. I was a whore and he was a decent guy. I tried to forget him but found that I was having sex with other guys while imagining it was Lee. That spring, I made over a hundred hardcore porn movies with so many men that I actually lost count. Some sessions were with more than one man.
Then came the blow. Since my accident, I'd had no periods (common with athletes). So when I missed several, it did not concern me. But by April, it was obvious to everyone that I was pregnant. How could this be? The doctors in Barcelona had said it would be impossible. My agent began to make arrangements for me to have an abortion but I was adamant. I wanted this baby. Lee appeared at a shoot one day and asked me again, and I said no. I had no idea who the father might be and the baby could be black, white, red or yellow. But he assured me that it did not matter. He would look after me and the baby - no matter what. I said "yes" and we were married in June at a hotel close to where we had met in Cumbria.
http://www.banksidepublishing.com/spacegirls/simone/bike.png http://www.banksidepublishing.com/spacegirls/simone/blueroom.pngSimon Lee was born two months later in August - 6 weeks early. Due to complications, I died - three times - each time brought back by the experts at Purpan Hospital to whom I will be forever grateful. I recovered, my baby was fine, but I had lost my womb in the process. This time, another pregnancy would really be impossible. With love, we made it through the rest of 2000 somehow. But there was still the pressure to finish existing contracts.
So I completed a dozen or more shoots for Walton Photography who sold the pics to Amateur Teen Kingdom. Quite funny really because I was never an amateur and definitely not a teen any more.
I did very few hardcore shoots after that - all with Lee's approval. The most memorable were Fleshhunter and New Breed by Jules Jordan.
Lee was getting worried because he was twice my age and finding it difficult to satisfy my inbred nymphomania. So we came to a compromise. I had done a few shoots with his son, Tony, two of which were published worldwide. So now Tony lives upstairs from us in Toulouse and "fills in the gaps", so to speak.
I was doing other private work for a while but now I have been offered full-time employment in aerospace, I confine my sexual activity to my husband and his son. I will never leave Lee and there is no jealousy. I believe that Lee would rather I did it with his son that do work "outside the home". I now work in aerospace in Toulouse so I have two good men permanently at my disposal. Am I satisfied?
Not on your life. This is why I spend so much time chatting on line. That way, I can live out some of my unfulfilled fantasies with guys from all around the world.
My favourite is still the one where I get kidnapped by a class of my students, stripped naked, and tied, spread-eagle across a desk while 50 virgin teenage boys explore me, play disgusting games with me and all take turns to have their way with me.
But if you are an older man, you won't have to do that.
Wait till I have finished with Tony and I'll cum right over and I'LL DO YOU NEXT!

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