View Full Version : fluid druid - some new shit

The Fluid Druid
04-28-2010, 08:43 PM
Some impervious rhyme sceme that you proclaim to thee,
to bring money and fame climb up the ladder and see,
flames that cover these negative bandages of honour.
Please Get back to your sewer where you look like a fiend
the worst position of a standstill creature of the night,
im not trying to judge you but just can't be polite
my words take off, like a bird in flight, elevate your biology
infectious world's deadly like a labotomy.
Don't criticise me son i straight slaughter g's,
shakin those pesky fleas off my back with a quick swipe
put you in check left without a mic.
One, two, three,
clearly i see a destined path carved straight through the leaves
spit ridiculous flow with immense power
positive feedback, rain like a shower, no a tower, climb like king kong
singing my song, smokin my bong. chillen can't go wrong.
Heres the rapsheet once again, shatter your front door
heads hit the floor, couple lines left
am i done? I dont think yet!

The Fluid Druid
04-29-2010, 08:43 PM
Fluid like a diamond in the ruff with that billy goats scruf
My wordplay comes in flurries, my vision is blury but
dont worry it will all be over in a hurry.
so recollect your fragile thoughts and put your finger to the wind to
find these bearings on yourself that slowly begin to
destroy you mentally, mind being torn from all thats left to see cause i be fueiled by intensity. a slight adaptation of your memory, constantly leavin' you wonderin' how long it takes for the truth to bludgeond as its ripped from out under them.
i can tell your right now reppin the 905 with all of my bros, so
stay on your toes cause i plug up ya nose with my stuffy lack of deliverance
not tryna be beligerant but still hit you with the molten lava flow, just like the wind blow
so fluid and swift, like im doin this bitch
check yourself back into the psyche ward cause thats one bad twitch, im a
robotic suicide machine and theres no off switch