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04-30-2010, 01:31 AM



Rap Games Baby Daddy (Corey Holcomb skit)
N KCredible
U Dont Wanna C Me Grind - T33fy " Two Handz " Hustlino
(Produced By" Two Handz " )
Got Jamz - Thorobred (Produced By Ca$e)
Dolla Bill skit - R.I.P. Bernie Mac
Mic CheKC 2-1-Zero ft Bass RoK.C.
Average KCat ft D-r-ra
Interlude - Macado (Produced By Macado)
Hol Yu Down Hol Yu Now
Fall N Luv Wit Dis CraKC Head ft Bam The Grintch & Nick B
Money 2 B Made - T.K. $KCrilla Pimp (Produced By D-r-ra)
Show Me State ft Trubble & Mr. Price
Tree Huntin
KConnections ft 2uece7, Nutty, & Marley (Produced By D-r-ra)
There Where ft Bass RoK.C. & T.K. $KCrilla Pimp
Waitin On Laila skit - Michael Blackson
Trash Bag - Bam The Grintch (Produced By Tryfillinium) *ThoeBaKC*
Body On My Body ft Nick B
Over N Ova ft Sarah, Bri, D-r-ra & Nick B (Produced By D-r-ra)
Gunz N Butta - Ving Rhames
U Aint I Aint ft Mr. Price, Jay Deuce, Bass RoK.C.
When I Walk ft Da Dirty *ThoeBaKC*
Go Git It ft MidKnight, S Dott Redd, Bam The Grintch (Produced By Tryfillinium)
Hold Da Game Ransom ft Pee Waters & D-r-ra
I Do It For Hip Hop - TryfLeveL



05-03-2010, 03:11 PM
some street shit.. feelin that last joint heavy yo, number 6 goes hard too...

BIG UP reppin KC.. get at me if you in need of beats. always down to build with the local heads..


05-03-2010, 03:13 PM
track 7... that joint is hardbody...

05-03-2010, 06:19 PM
Oh! this some Midwest?????

DLing now.Ill be back.