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05-05-2010, 12:43 PM
baddest rocks side stocks mind clock time
side drops time locks pride locks cyclops/
ripper zipper time tipper spit quicker flick clicker
sheep is a spitter watch tower rocket fire power/
master blaster off the hacker cheers when drinking beers
sinking tears in gears give me wars give me doors/
side head shots premise checkmate I never stops
I continue to rock even when I'm down and out on the flop/
thinking i've river rafting slash havoc
blast auto flows counter your clocks/
document acuments it's elementary
to any theory you dropping berry's on/

you can never mess with The Champion....
you can never conquer The Champion...
taken name breaking fame open lanes
this is a champ's way I Am The Champion....
train all day cuz I Am The Champion....
spit spray cuz I Am The Champion....
rip rays cuz I Am The Champion....
flip flows cuz I Am The Champion....
get paid cuz I Am The Champion....

I bare none take son break backs
bane of this exsistence no resistence/
slang dropper mind rocker
blind swordsmen master/
saw through your moves
weak as a street fight/
wired tight highlight
signs bright in the night/
strike timed out cha microphones
ripping in strike zones hitting homers/
call in the closer “Blastmatic”
NO! it's rap's radical periodical/
timed tactical practical
rain down dreams
in schemes I didn't see/
draft drama placed in comas
commas dharma donned armor/
this is the sheep sword stylize
optimal lines rock slides top side/

05-06-2010, 02:07 PM
yooo, ur rapid fire is hitttin' all marks....niice