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05-13-2010, 08:52 PM
Why is it wrong.

Sex crimes are forms of human sexual behavior that are crimes. Someone who commits one is said to be a sex offender. Some sex crimes are crimes of violence that involve sex. Others are violations of social taboos, such as incest, sodomy, indecent exposure or exhibitionism. There is much variation among cultures as to what is considered a crime or not, and in what ways or to what extent crimes are punished.
Western cultures are often far more tolerant of acts, such as oral sex, that have traditionally been held to be crimes in some cultures, but combine this with lesser tolerance for the remaining crimes. By contrast, many cultures with a strong religious tradition consider a far broader range of activities to be serious crimes.
As a general rule, the law in many countries often intervenes in sexual activity involving young or adolescent children below the legal age of consent, non-consensual deliberate displays or illicit watching of sexual activity, sex with close relatives ("incest"), harm to animals, acts involving the deceased (necrophilia), and also when there is harassment, nuisance, fear, injury, or assault of a sexual nature, or serious risk of abuse of certain professional relationships. Separately, the law usually regulates or controls the censorship of pornographic or obscene material as well. A rape charge can only be issued when a person(s) of any age does not provide consent for sexual activity. Hypothetically speaking, if a child consents, it is considered molestation.

-Rape, lust murder and other forms of sexual assault and sexual abuse
-Child sexual abuse
-Statutory rape
-Spousal rape
-Human trafficking
-Frotteurism, sexual arousal through rubbing one's self against a non-consenting stranger in public
-Exhibitionism and voyeurism, if deliberate and non-consensual, called "indecent exposure" and "peeping tom" respectively in this context.
-Incest between close relatives
-Telephone scatologia, making obscene telephone calls for the purpose of sexual arousal
-Sex with animals
-Sexual harassment
-Sexual acts by people in a position of trust (such as teachers, doctors and police officers), towards any person they are involved with professionally.
-Extra-marital relations (see also Zina and Polygamy).
-Public order crimes are crimes that interrupt the flow of daily life and business according to local community standards. Public order crimes include paraphilia (deviancies).
-Various paraphilias and sexual fetishes such as transvestitism
-Prostitution and/or pimping
-Ownership of vibrators and other sex toys
-Public urination
-Stealing underwear, sometimes regarded as more serious when done in a sexual context.

-- From Wikipedia: Sex and the law


05-20-2010, 08:33 PM
Frotteurism, sexual arousal through rubbing one's self against a non-consenting stranger in public.
Never knew this was illegal. I should have been executed weeks ago.