View Full Version : My Mind....

05-14-2010, 04:12 PM
My Mind can you find? it's not lost but tucked in the design
My Mind curves around corners and even bends space and time
My Mind swims deep shores explores below ocean floors
My Mind is hard to ignore shakes the spot like Earth's iron core
My Mind has more and more corridors to open up and conduct a tour
but beware of the chambers there's no sign of the dangers you could endure...

walk wit me real Sheek My Mind never stops or sleeps
creeps streets and dark alleys where geeks are scared to peek
where freaks perform feats and thugs hug and shove their heat
My Mind has an elite fleet you know the words I serve and speak
no odor or taste feel My Mind shine anywhere and anyplace
face to face you could stare but still will be unaware
My Mind race at such a pace you only get but a glare
just a glimpse can convince to give chase is waste but don't despair...

My Mind is 11-dimensional...hold up i'm getting too subliminal
query my M-Theory then holla if you hear me
My Mind is never weary of getting deep and eerie
resemble a criminal if you can get near me
even i sometimes fear me but that's only because i see clearly
My Mind can really heal the easily broken hopeless out there strokin' tokens
raw substance i got an abundance the vault is always open
rich and pure My Mind is a fine jewel for sure
reflects the skies day and night disguised in the rhyme that i write
My Mind is quite bright the light invite the astray to it's height
mostly My Mind is too carefree to really put thought to other's plight
but always down to come insight and give a pound of it's might...My Mind.