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05-17-2010, 01:18 PM
Feel free to review the best albums in up and coming independant music, we have got a few music aficionados here at wutang-corp, so i'm sure we can post some credible reviews.

I,ll start off with Zombys last major EP One foot ahead of the other, the follow up to his 90's rave album, where where you in 92..


As soon as you play the album you get a reasurgence of the progressive loops used in where where you in 92, except a bit more spacey and modern, your not taken far from the zomby sound you are comfortable with just taken in a slightly different direction.

Next up on the album is helter skelter, which again dives straight into the beat with no build up or warning, following on with the repetitive theme of the album, it delivers an aesthetically pleasing digital landscape.

With pumpkinheads revenge we get our staple glitchy fix from zomby, for all the glitch junkies this choon will prolly stand out the most on the album, it's not tasteless noisey glitch, but rather a tasteful mario mushroom eating venture that drops into a playful beat

Polka dot builds up only to ease the beat, instead of forcing it all out in one epic drop, new sounds are rather added over time in this choon, slowly, leaving the mind with many electronic elements to concentrate on, which all in all delivers a somewhat trancey experience when listen to with loud headpohes, or on a kille rsound system.

Godzillas launches into a twinkling soundscape that sound like it was concieved in a nebula in andromeda, glaring sounds coming in and out throughout the beat with such inconspicuousness, partnered by the more stand out fundamental sounds. it only adds to the mastery of zombys subtle yet vibrant production.

Expert tuition follows thorugh from godzilla with such effortlessness that you would not know it was a different choon unless you checked whatever you were playing it on, one of the more stripped down beats of the album, a great track but not a stand alone choon by any means

Bubble bubble comes with more glitch noise for the glitch fiends out there, at first it sounds a bit annoying but it quickly evolves to a futuristic beat, that makes you feel like your on a rave in a spacship or something

Then comes mescaline cola one of my favourites on the album, bouncing off straight away into a hard beat, filled to the brim with exciting sounds and drum patterns, slowly twitching and changing itself ever so subtly throughout, it keeps you entrrenched into the sound of the album, awaiting the climax...

Firefly finale leads us through the automated doors of zombys spaceship giving you one final scramble of sounds and contortions before you exit and land back on dry land, not a great track but a nice one that leads tha album out in a more down temp vibe, after all of the glitchy madness and hyped up repetitive beats...

All in all it's a solid themed album that dosent venture too far from it's desired sound but that's what makes it work, its like one choon has been stretched out and a few extra ingrediats have been added over time, its not the kind of album where a couple of tracks stand out (except maybe mescaline cola) but rather you feel for the whole album, and listen to it as an album, basically taking a track off this album and playing it is like tearing a page out of a book and reading it, it just dosent work.

Like where were you in 92 was a rave album that sounded like it should have been made in the 90's rave scene, ironically one foot ahead of the other sounds like a future rave album that sounds out of place in todays scene, but will be oh so relevant in 2029's rave scene.