View Full Version : Straight up B.S....(MosHigh vs Marvin Heard)

05-20-2010, 12:41 PM
what you see ain't what i see
what i see is all eyes on me
that's just the way it be
B-Boy Scientology....

It's the Mos sought fuck what you thought
while you play in the matrix i battlin' these robots and sentinels i chop...
->hold up, hold up, stop you must be High there you go with that same ol' lullabye...
i can't help i like to descend down and spin these fools all around
with the rhyme i like to clown and give em heavenly flows by the pound
->yeah i know, i know yo glow blow the shades right off the window...
and don't forget that i'm pro snip shot will make ya stop drop and roll
->but you claim with constellations you hang and bang oranguatuans
->peel their cap like a meal be real that ain't the same thang
really it is... i'm sayin' i be splittin' wigs putting jigs to ribs
lure this kids over the bridge...
->what bridge?
between the spirit and material world...
->you read too many of them books and watch japanimation til ya brain cook
hey from the jump i don't front let em know I like to smoke and knowledge i pump until your soaked
deep thoughts i provoke while minds i just stroke
->is that how you see it? cuz i believe it's just gibberish
->plus most of these cats thinking caps are really skittish
yeah, i may as well be Finnish
my light is so bright others appear to diminsh
->all eyes on you?
yep, all eyes on me is what i see...
->really?...or are you so stoned paranoia roams ya dome?
nah dog, i don't mean like Rockwell i mean i rock well
drop nothing but the hotness they tryin' to peep me like the lochness
->lol, dude you really are obnoxious...
nah, just fully aware and conscious...
->hmm...so, you're just a brand new heavy?...
huh?...like 2011 heavyduty chevy?...
->nah man, i meant the type to break a levy
->hurricane storm and reign above the norm
hey, they've been warned...
->so they all must pay and like Kay you Slay slip discs with no delay
->but hey, did you say they were jockin' your style?
yeah dog, derby buckwild...
but the high fashion i be flashin' is but the tip of the pile
->yeah whatever... maybe they just are feelin' the steez?
ngga please you know i leave eyes froze like Mr. Freeze
thug like Dub C heathens Bow Down found on their hands and knees
->wow...so you just refuse to let up deer hunter games lames better duck?...
Sho' 'Nough kickin' in their palor shop do'
who's the master?...they better act like they know
->that just BS you ain't the only shogun in town...
no bullshit i rule this rock a kangol as a crown
->not that kinda BS...B-Boy Science
->old school tools used to duel you know, until they put their mic on the ground in silence...