View Full Version : Guess what? Guess who?

05-24-2010, 06:08 PM
Guess who? Guess what?
I am back ripping heads with nothing left to hack/
slacking in the raps, writ-ten's and freestyles
you ain't the ripper you supposed to be/
your dept isn't built to handle this or that
your not constructed like that/
coming to podium with them Malcolm X speeches
reaches for the AK spit cha lead and it's not okay/
you can't disrespect the beast but the Sheep will take it
it's a Nobody from an underground near by you gotta wonder why/
come at the hated wasted by the drunks in the booth I'm 100 percent proof
shed cha morbid ways open gates ate lives jettison the remains/
get cha disdain abstain from the lo-man, I ain't roman by civil society remains able
get cha self muzzled, strapped to the chair with nothing to care about/
hated my fated angelic with words that relegated me to the corner
when I broke free from chains, I went psychotically neutral/
and became lyrically brutal taking shrapnel and chucking them at you
took stones and broke noses, took ropes and hang my enemies with nooses/
when the roosters crow they know the frozen platoon is in the bushes
with the bears and racoons preparing disaster for you/

Guess who? Guess what?
All y'all seek is ashes
clashes with swords
y'all just pieces of the chess board

Guess who? Guess what's not?
you in pets plots dead spot read clocks seen time spin away/
it's game day I'm here where lames play get cha gauge game
slave over stoves watch me cook up raps and turn them into spits legit/
so sick flicked up with the camera busted thinking your a celeb
when then light bulb ain't even go off in your head/
thinking they serving stakes open bottles plagued cancer awaits
you waiting on deals when the wheels aren't spinning/
thinking you can stand, attempting to still win
against the topical optimal masterful blastmatic
trash can you whack rap addicts in the dumpster
and re-up ya after surgery has been preformed
with a hacksaw ans a razor blade/
pathetic cum guzzling dumb ass clone rappers
can't even blossom like a flower in May/
I dismantle you emcees like melted candles
eat cha desolate darts like dinner plates
and make you clean yup when you awake/
dusted musket busting fuck it we scrapping
5 dub my flows cold as an nuclear winter
enter my arena, watch me walk away with a victory/