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05-26-2010, 12:28 PM
[Intro] This trailer has been produced by Techwon Productions in courtesy with Section 9 Films....Now let the Story begin...

It's the cold crusher flow duster non-Afro samurai
nicked named “The Faded Samurai” because I dust by opponents
in a quick flash step thinking this was “Bleach” or something/
it's a pleasure to gamble with ways
you ain't seen since the number two head band/
so if you testing the “Faded Samurai” think you better open ya eyes
ripping you guys with just a green-tinted fade like my mentor/
enter the man with the solid-steel katana blade sheathed
barometric lays cutting down armies and armies of brigades/
dominate the battle heavenly with heavily handed
ring dinging bling cracking skull buster/
didn't cha know I didn't blood lust
just hated those that thrust-ed and lusted after the number one head band/
art deco roman-greco dead aim without my blade I'm still lethal
equal sequel prequel getting bodied while blood still leaks all the same well/
instead you jumping out bushes thinking you pushes
a man that has looked death in the eyes and didn't blink once/
I'm a adept in combat, whether you come in bunches, packs or just solo
watch me crunch, dump a cut through the shoulder once/
after I hunch never clutching much just watch cha limping as such/
reckless staged out the combat precise movements stay stagenent
your movements are weak, wack and easily predicted/
been training and reading the ways of bushido since I was 6
check the clicks, clanks you ain't out rank a tank
when you banking shanks in the legs, can't move a twig/
coming at me wit cha street climbing strategies
you can't accurately think you can handle me/
talking tough will only get you touched
oh now you blush, let's see you handle this swift dust/
collapsing like the fall of Rome, watch burn to the ground like Chicago
watch cha cry like heads just died during the day that lived infamy/
look to the east, see the deep wounds chopped into pieces
read them a manuscript from the hagakure then wander off to the shadows/
need the road unrolled just raveled in gravel pavement marks get dirt
in the ides they haven't tied up their waves or tides time to rise/
out the dawn to the close of this chapter I babble after
master captures checkmate ace in the debate, weighed it out/
before I bestowed the title “Lord of Chaos” and the name “Sheepish”
I was known to those as “Techwon The Faded Samurai” and i'll be that
til the day I rise and die out from the sun to the grave, i'll melt away/


sword swing blade of destiny, checking if she there
didn't cha give a care for the shadow melded by the fireplace
hey look it's he who doesn't seem.......no it's he who rocks the number two...
it's he “The Faded Samurai” not an ordinary tough guy
with rough spots....