View Full Version : Section Nine: Liquid Cipherz Pt.1

06-03-2010, 08:28 PM

fables of the knights of the nine
celestials align to shift the paradigm
benign becomes a cancerous bane
strain under malignent pressure
enveloped the cerebal centre,
for good measure spinal cord severe
enter the realms of a tormenter
mentally ordered their surrender
granduer was displayed upon victory
unsung stories hidden from history
powers that be resort to trickery
dichotomy placed policies, illogically
modern day aristocracy, no autocracy
no balance from the revolutionary
everybody else is just a secondary
uplift the concsious is about to get heavy

Slap leather, clap weather, become unpredictable
speak critical learn infantile drip blood by the vile/
wild by the Nile I'm miles from the bat-caves you occupy
rock flows and eat beats like earthquakes in California
wondering never thundering now I'm plundering graves/
save the face white wash your claims wasted in place making my case
weaponry dead any emcees by skulls I am bashing/
slash you like “Going out of Business” prices
I'm nicer than any smiley face you sprouting/
tout cha loudly deadly with epic weaponry
now your just negatory enter my territory/
it's over sober colder fold cha nova
watch me collapse your solar system as my next victim/
get cha galactic my tactics be drastic passive massively epic
in words weep by tears you be pathetic, like babies that just learned words/
verbalize the laws I exercise check by the size of the data card you insert
I convert cha like anesthetist to Christianity like any adversary I'm looking to bury
cut cha up like “Chi-Leaves” try that in your tea pot/

I was raised on Kool Aide, Fresh Veggies and Atari,
kids today raised on Fast Food and internet safari,
pass the Hot Toddy The mirage has barraged me,
acetate to the face no apologies or sorry's,
pardon me, Modern casualties of a life of Z's,
Snoring while awake Comatose brains still feed,
consuming our wants while ignoring our needs,
observe how capitalist greed shapes our seeds,
The world hesitates to explore the lesser cost,
investigate the waste of a great financial loss,
exacerbate a child's fate with substantial cuts,
engineering generations that are dumb as fuck,
kids are the last in line to receive a buck,
schools and elderly crash land like an albatross,
capitalists' iron hand has bound our hearts,
Capitalism has ground a great nation into parts...

Raw is war, weapons I implore detour
come with cha features works I reached cha/
a long time ago now we gotta to go, next i'm a blow
off the leash, beach all comers like Normandy/
throw punches dump lunches watch cha mouth
now we next to built up a circumference surrounding
whatever forces you mounting we're pounding/

abscond the demanding,
marketing and branding,
life is full hatred, no understanding,
I want this, me me me, eventual leads,
to societies decay, denying our dreams,
lying to you lying to me, the blind will lead,
caught in the deceptive web we weave,
barbaric times soon to be,
as the ocean turn brown and muddy,
regulations cut help the rich obtain money,
holding all the chips while the globe becomes slummy,
im no dummy and this shit isnt funny,
all work and no play and we still act bummy,
elevate your mind and reach ya goals,
or behold the palehorse will fork ya road,
pork ya toad smoke a bowl and get lifted,
life can be complex and really simplisitic..

intrinsic qualities heightens interests
unrest unsettled by the sun crest
exhale to the moon the last breathe
wretch every last life to the test
set of a skilled marksmen, silent grin
dim light, quiet wind, arrow spins
plot footsteps in deerskin mocassins
assassin and the hunter, uncover
plots across plains sights wide range
hyperbolic chambers, nine grains
trains of thought fire piston flames
generate power to membranes
driven insane, overpowered octane
frame works shutdown berserk

06-03-2010, 09:29 PM
this was on some go old ciphering tactics yo bronze you shined like fresh metal being made and magma, you was on fire son damn. I'm glad to be in the company of such lyricists

06-04-2010, 12:32 AM
that was dope yall complimented eachother well

06-04-2010, 08:32 AM
ye this was ill, everyone dropped heat

pt.2 coming sooon, and peace Sheep same to you