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06-10-2010, 06:03 PM
Incessant bargaining, thesse facts attacking this rhythm
minds are forgiving armageddon, type of system I live in
and stop dissention I sensing, cursin the fate that follow winds
Ask brother to improperly Construct His science again

I see leviathans win when the war is stacked
I got the frame; In final asking of this caste
I drop the fire for I name and be more sane
Than millions who just impeach the array

Simple insensible sections of slashing at this everything
this every day, this sense of dying these passions I can proclaim
I have no name, I have a righteous name, it be the same
I have no gain in being death to these whack ass mcees I slay\

I have no path to walk into this hell, just searchin final delay
revolution is the game and I play like I got the stakes, like
got more stakes than human kind, No more imparting til i find the Same
no more constructions killing time, no more eruptions feeling signs

I got distinction for the rhyme, I got no killing aim or scribe

(last days)