View Full Version : The sword of justice

06-11-2010, 11:24 AM

so many savages infiltrating the ciphers amongst us
so we expand our mentals and school the minds of youngsters
i'll bravely defend my fam with the sword of justice

verse won

what's bred in the bone can never escape from your blood
so we bounce and denounce your whole crew unplugged
sockets short circuit dope emcee's sound drugged
gasping we trapping tazmania devil reaction
tracking devices in my custom made ices
know-ledge is price-less we living in a primitive crisis
healing you non-belivers with bare hands like Christ did
My wisdom's fruit is forbidden three-fourths remain hidden
haters stay skidding trying to catch up with the true, and living
beyond basic battilions barrage frauds with ass-whippings
the agenda's on so stipulations are stipulated through rhythm's
drums, and bass the bassist beating your head til' it caves
Anchor heavy tactics crushing rage in a steel cage
opposition my reflexes are too swift for steel blades
a pioneer to praise so i demand a raise
of all eighty five we save and free from mental graves

verse two

Catch of the day mental food served on trey's
it's the passion of the hunt that makes easy prey
devil's bombing the run-a-way slave
not knowing he escaped got it locked like estate gates
sunshower rays burn up the land one day
it's human nature to sin but these sicko's are raping babes
so we torture the snakes with hot iron's pressing they face
Can't even tust my own blood money makes men change
from humble to greedy like a millionare investor stealing 100k
may he lay in his own bed with a blown head his homes red
the phone's dead shouldv'e showed respect to the dread
it's a dreadful day when a man sells his soul for bread
The cold hearted scream from the feeling of hot lead
he wanted a mill instead he got feds
and a cell to study lessons and excell screaming fuck drug sales
i'm bring hell from Mecca to wales..

last verse

how can i lose when i never won?? when i die they'll bronze my tongue
cats round here dying for fortunes a misfortune
wars warping over-sea's getting high off quality weed
may this lesson be a feast take off the blind-fold and see
fuck dying for a land that never benefitted me
harrassed for some baggy jeans, a hair-style, fuck society
can't stand the sight of we devi'ls pardoned me
the finger was raised as i broke out the cage finally
Free the dumb of the trickery bitter streets
What can i do?? when my peeps punish the moon
take it out of tune my theories a big bang boom
depressed stressed maniac hiding a gat in his slacks
once you battle the gravedigga your never gonna come back