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06-14-2010, 04:29 PM
EDIT: Since I thought I could add a few CDs and tapes, it took a little longer to get everything organized, but now the list of things I'm willing to trade or sell is complete!

If you want to zoom in on the images, just click on them for more details.


Afu-Ra featuring GZA - Bigacts Littleacts (PC)
Black Moon - Worldwind (PC)
Blahzay Blahzay - The "Danger Remixes (PC)
Canibus - 2000 B.C. (PC)
Canibus - Mic-Nificent (PC)
Canibus - Second Round K.O. (PC)
Canibus - Watch Who You Beef Wit (Promo)
Casual (of Hieroglyphics) - Fear Itself
Charli Baltimore featuring Ghostface Killah - Stand Up (PC)
Chino XL - Here To Save You All
Chubb Rock - The Mind
Cocoa Brovaz (Smif-N-Wessun) - The Rude Awakening

D.I.T.C. - In The Memory Of Big L Vol. 1 (JAPAN import)
D.I.T.C. - In The Memory Of Big L Vol. 2 (JAPAN import)
D'Angelo (feat. Method Man & Redman) - Left & Right (PC)
Das EFX - Straight Up Sewaside
Davina (feat. ODB & La The Darkman) - Come Over To My Place b/w So Good (PC)
Deadly Venoms - Don't Give Up (PC)
Deadly Venoms - Venom Everywhere (promo for PRETTY THUGS)
DJ Honda - Travellin' Man (PC)
DJ Tomekk (feat. GZA/Prodigal Sunn) - Ich Lebe Fόr Hip Hop (PC)
Foe - Scissorhands
Foxy Brown (feat. Kelis) - Candy (PC)
Freddie Foxxx - R.N.S. b/w The Mastas & Chancesellor (PC)

Gang Starr - You Know MY Steez (PC)
GP Wu - 1st Thingst First / If You Only Knew (rare Promo)
Group Home - Suspended In Time b/w Tha Realness
Heather B - Do You (PC Paperback)
Heltah Skeltah - I Ain't Havin' That (PC)
Heltah Skeltah & O.G.C. as The Fabulous Five - Blah/Leflah (CD Single with all artwork)
Henchmen - Bullet Proof Love Vol. 1
Hieroglyphics - One Big Trip (CD+DVD)
InI - Center Of Attention (RARE official album from 2000 on Soul Brother Records)
Joint Venturez - Itz Da Joint
Killah Priest - Cross My Heart (Promo)
Killah Prist - One Step / Fake MCs (PC)

Nas - Nas Is Like b/w Dr. Knockboots (PC)
Mobb Deep - Drop A Gem On 'Em (ULTRA rare Promo CD Single incl. Diamond back cover)
Mission Control presents - Prehistoric Sounds (featuring MOOD)
M.O.P. - Handle Ur Bizness EP
Lost Boyz - Legal Drug Money
Lord Finesse - Return Of The Funky Man
Lord Finesse - Hip 2 Da Game EP
Lone Catalysts - Hip Hop
Lloyd Banks - New York Times (official mixtape in album format)
Lloyd Bank - V5 (official mixtape release!)
Killarmy - Camouflage Ninjas / Wake Up (PC)
Killarmy - Wu-Renegades / Clash Of The Titans (PC)

Nature - For All Seasons
O.C. - Born To Live (CD Single, still sealed, a little spine cut)
O.C. - Far From Yours b/w My World (PC Cardboard Sleeve)
O.C. - Time's Up (RARE CD Single from '94, still sealed - no cut-outs!!!)
O.G.C . - Bounce To The Ounce (PC)
O.G.C . - Bounce To The Ounce (Promo)
Organized Konfusion - The Equinox
Petey Pablo - Raise Up (PC)
Sadat X - Wild Cowboys
Show & A.G. - Next Level/Medicine (CD single with all artwork)
Shyheim - Manchild (PC)
Shyheim - The Lost Generation

Smoothe Da Hustler - Hustlin' (CD Single with all artwork)
Snaga & Pillath - Aus Liebe Zum Spiel
Soundbombing - Vol. 1
Soundbombing - Vol. 2
Spice 1 - 187 He Wrote
Sticky Fingaz - Baby Brother (PC)
Sticky Fingaz - Get It Up (PC)
T. I. - King (JAPAN release +1 Bonus Track) (SEALED)
Teflon - My Will (RARE)
The Click's D-Shot - The Shot Calla
Tragedy Khadafi - Against All Odds
Trigger Tha Gambler - My Crew Can't Go For That (CD Single feat. Smoothe Da Hustler & DV)

2pac – Until The End Of Time (2CD)
2pac – The Rose That Grew From Concrete
2pac & Outlawz – Still I Rise
2pac – Greatest Hits (2CD)
2pac – R U Still Down ? (2CD)
2pac – Me Against The World
2pac – All Eyez On Me (2CD)
2pac – In His Own Words
2pac – Makaveli the Don Killuminati
2pac – Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
2pac – 2pacalypse Now
2pac – The Lost Tapes

Beastie Boys – Check Your Head
Beastie Boys – Ill Communication
Bilal feat. Dr. Dre & Jadakiss – Fast Lane (Promo)
Black Sunz – Compilation
Caddillac Tah – Just Like A Thug b/w Pov City Hustler (Promo)
I Born – Swarm 2000
Kool Savas – Till’ Ab Joe
Redman feat. Adam F. – Smash Sumthin’
Rock Marciano (of The U.N.) – Strength And Honor (very rare)
Slimm Calhoun – The Cut Song (Promo)
T-Black – Ghetto Style
Whoridas – High Times

A.G. (of D.I.T.C.) – The Dirty Version
Above The Rim – Original Soundtrack
Akrobatik – Balance
Asheru & Blue Black (of The Unspoken Heard) – 48 Months
Asheru & Blue Black (of The Unspoken Heard) – Soon Come…
B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret – Original Soundtrack
Black Mask – Original Soundtrack
Big Noyd – Episodes of a Hustla
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – E 1999 Eternal
Breez Evahflowin’ – Pro-Files (The EP)
Demigodz (Apathy & Celph Titled) – The Godz Must Be Crazy
C-Rayz Walz – Ravipops (The Substance)

DJ Rectangle – The Tables Have Turned
Ego Trip’s The Big Playback
El Da Sensei – Relax Relate Release
Freddie Foxxx (Bumpy Knuckles) – Industry Shakedown
Fresh – Original Soundtrack (feat. GZA, Raekwon, Wu-Tang)
Hip Hop For Respect – (feat. Shyheim, Cappadonna, Mos Def, Shabaam Saadiq, Nine)
Hoodlum – Original Sountrack (feat. Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep)
Ice T – 7th Deadly Sin
Illstyle LIVE - (feat. ODB Buddha Monk – Freestyle/Brooklyn Too/Shimmy Shimmy Ya LIVE)
J-Live – True School Revival (Limited Edition Tour EP)
Kam – Neva Again
Kane & Abel – The Last Ones Left

Kid Capri – Soundtrack To The Streets
Kurupt – Kuruption! (2CD)
Kurupt – Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey
The L.J.’s – Likwit Junkies
Lords Of The Underground – Resurrection
Lost Boyz – Love, Peace & Nappiness
Lost Boyz – LB IV Life
Mic Geronimo – Vendetta
O.C. - Born To Live (CD Single, still sealed, a little spine cut)
PMD – The Awakening
Sippin’ On Sizzurp – Getting Drunk On Music (Limited Edition DVD incl.)
Streets Is Watching – Original Soundtrack

Stretch Armstrong – Spit Classics pres. Freestyles Vol. 1
Supreme NTM – Paris Sous les Bombes
Thugged Out Militainment – What Up 2 Da Hood (CD & Bonus DVD)
Tracey Lee – Many Facez
Training Day – Original Soundtrack
Twista – Mobstability
U-God – Bizarre (PC)
Violator – The Album
Violator – The Album V2.0
Wu-Tang Clan featuring Harlem Hoodz - Wu Tang Cream Team Line Up
Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. (PC)
Wu All-Stars - Soul In The Hole (basketball-formed sticker on the whole front CD case)


Killarmy - Dirty Weaponry (SEALED)
Killarmy - Fear, Love & War (SEALED)
King Just - Mystics Of The God (SEALED)
Shyheim - AKA The Rugged Child (SEALED)
Shyheim - The Lost Generation (SEALED)
Shyheim - Manchild (SEALED)
Wu-Chronicles – Vol. 1
Method Man - Tical 2000: Judgement Day (SEALED)
Screwball - Y2K
Pete Rock & DJ Goldfinger - Music For Your Ear
Jay-Z - The Dynysty (SEALED)
Ras Kass - Soul On Ice
Mobb Deep - Murda Muzik (SEALED)
Mobb Deep - Starring The Infamous (hosted by Mister Cee)
Too Short - Shorty The Pimp (SEALED)
DJ Premier - Bootleg Vol. A
DJ Premier - Bootleg Vol. B
Fakts1 & Goodfella – Bringin’ Da Heat

Finesse & Showbiz – 64 Crayons
Canibus - 2000 B.C. (Before Can-I-Bus)
DJ Mem-Brain & DJ Kamikaze - Triple
DJ Whoo Kid & Stretch Armstrong - Final Destination
Too Short – Nation Riders Mixtape
DJ MK One – Lost Elements Vol. 1 (feat. Kool Savas, Prinz Porno, Beatfabrik)
I’m Bout It – Original Soundtrack
Ghetto Mafia - Straight From The Dec
Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life b/w Money, Cash, Hoes (Remix) (Single)
Tamar – If You Don’t Wanna Love Me (Single)
D.I.T.C. - Diggin' In The Crates Promo Sampler
Al’ Tariq – Everybody’s Talkin’ b/w Crime Pays (Single)
Junior Mafia – Player’s Anthem (Single)
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – 1st of tha Month (Single)
Jeru The Damaja – Me Or The Papes b/w Ya Playin’ Yaself (Single)
InI feat. Pete Rock - Fakin' Jax (Single)

And oh yeah, if you want to know any details such as record label, release year or even images of the actual item, no problem.


06-16-2010, 12:16 PM
Hey Bleezie, the Shyheim package is on its way to you. I'll see what I can do concerning those other tapes.

Just to let yall know, I'll take some pictures of the CDs and tapes right now, so you'll see what you get.


06-23-2010, 02:02 PM
Hey, to any one of the admins: Can you change the name of this topic to 144 CDs (50% Wu-Fam) and 36 Cassettes up for sale (some gems!!) please?

06-28-2010, 10:11 AM

11-01-2010, 08:36 AM
What's up yall, I got the following CDs (and 12 tapes) currently for sale on eBay.


♪ Blu & Exile ▪ Below The Heavens

♪ Mobb Deep ▪ Drop A Gem On 'Em

♪ Royal Fam ▪ Black Castle (Press Advance)

♪ Roc(k) Marciano ▪ Strength And Honor

♪ J-Live ▪ True School Revival EP

♪ Marco Polo ▪ Port Authority

♪ Demigodz (Apathy & Celph Titled) ▪ The Gods Must Be Crazy

♪ O.C. ▪ Time's Up & Born 2 Live & Far From Yours (first two still sealed)

♪ Show & A.G. ▪ Next Level

♪ Show & A.G. ▪ Party Groove/Soul Clap EP

♪ Fab 5 (Heltah Skeltah & O.G.C.) ▪ Leflah

♪ Lord Finesse ▪ Hip 2 Da Game

♪ Breez Evahflowin' ▪ Pro-Files EP

♪ Big Noyd ▪ Episodes Of A Hustla

♪ Smoothe Da Hustler ▪ Hustlin'/Broken Language (feat. Trigger Tha Gamber)

♪ T.I. ▪ King (JAPAN release, still sealed)

♪ Juelz Santana ▪ What The Game's Been Missing (enhanced promo sampler, still sealed)

♪ 2pac ▪ 12 albums = 16 CDs

♪ M.O.P. ▪ Handle Ur Bizness EP

♪ Wu-Tang Clan ▪ C.R.E.A.M.

♪ Wu All-Stars ▪ Soul In The Hole

♪ Sunz Of Man ▪ No Love Without Hate EP

♪ Wu-Fam ▪ 12 Tapes (Killarmy, Killah Priest, Ghostface...9 out of 12 are still sealed)


And oh yeah, be assured that shipping & handling is FREE to anywhere in the world. That's how I do it. End of the auction is NOVEMBER 7 ...


11-05-2010, 07:02 PM
not much more time left, yall... lpsBEjiIrsE

11-07-2010, 08:47 AM


Come on man, there's gotta be some Wu-heads cassette collectors that know of the worth of SEALED cassettes that I'm offering. There's like a couple of hours left, so go ahead and bid on this opportunity.

Shipping & handling is FREE to anywhere in the world. That's how I do it. End of the auction is TODAY ...


11-07-2010, 12:51 PM
why the hell are you selling this? and how much you want for the whole bunch?

11-07-2010, 03:08 PM
check your private message.

11-10-2010, 07:11 AM
some of the tapes look cooler than the cd cases

01-27-2011, 11:42 PM

♪ Battlecat feat. Ras Kass etc. – On Top Of The World b/w Stone Cold Nut (only official release off GUMBO ROOTS!!!!!)

♪ Chink – Capers

♪ Skip Dog – 1st The Money Then The Power

♪ X-Mob – Ghetto Mail

♪ Cold World Hustlers - Iceland (the real OG with the blue vertical stripe) [SOLD]

♪ Ganksta NIP - The South Park Psycho [SOLD]

♪ Bang’n On Wax – Best Of The Crips 2CD

♪ Lil Mario – Street Fame Pt. 3 (very nice unknown album by the way)

♪ KKM - Hell In Da Ghetto [SOLD]

♪ Charli Baltimore – To Hell & Back (shelved “Cold As Ice” album, advance CD)

♪ DITC – DITC promo sampler (with the stamp on the cover)

♪ Wu-Tang – Protect Ya Neck b/w Method Man (both tracks tape-only version)

♪ Mobb Deep – Drop A Gem On Em (promo CD!!!!!)

♪ Silky Slim – Finally Here (ending in 24 hours)

Each one is the original 1st press version, some of them still factory sealed. More coming soon. First come, first served.

I've uploaded at least 3 to 4 HD samples for you to get the picture, if you haven't ahd the chance to listen to any of these before. Listen to the songs.


01-28-2011, 02:18 AM
By the way, check out this quick documentary on Silky Slim, very interesting...


03-19-2011, 10:06 AM
nice collection.. could you scan the back cover and inserts of the InI album please?

04-22-2011, 01:11 PM
how much for the supreme clientele tape by itself?

Bleezie Febrero
05-04-2011, 03:07 PM
I guess that InI fakin jax cassette tape has gone now???

05-15-2011, 02:23 PM
nice collection.. could you scan the back cover and inserts of the InI album please?

I'm sorry, I sold that album 2 weeks ago.

07-11-2011, 05:23 PM
i already have most of the tapes.... what are you asking for for some of the CD's?

10-15-2011, 01:01 PM
Well, which ones are you talking about? Let me know. Peace.