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06-27-2010, 03:32 AM
Yo axe murder asscuttin Joe Swanson peg leg shawed off shotgun range
pimp cane limp Don Magic Wond timberwood pen Jragonsouls arms
transform into cannons like big mack Jack from Tekken MCs are blown out
of proportion putting one foot in front of the other towards black and
golden outfitted Forest interchangeable random character select Marshall Law
like father like son wildlife afro male crispy reincarnation teenager
Fortune cookie greetings blessings onyx angel in hell trickster hacker the devil Satan
by making heavens hell so like Maurderface I rather die than go to Heaven
You see what I say the best quotables ever told by one
perfectionist rhymer motherfraura ecoterrorist nuclear detenation
numerology sequences rusty chainsaw slice and dice transmitts
those sound waves frequency juggle gym

06-27-2010, 05:34 AM
Raunchy carnage lethargic chthonic verzweiflung physcosocialization
nervous breakdown in its last moments of finalization towards conditions
of go nuts wildfire haywire attire piano wire choker until a chomskyhump
non MC rapper cease to move before cease to existence kicks in the kickstand
Debunk dumbfound down billy stick fracture rifts in your brain my footrest
odd job usage truck stop speindiffrence shag carpet texture
Stick my foot so far up your ass in reverse had into the realm
turn the world on its head Shuck up soda chaff up down town break the
bank bookie out of business stick up hostage situation over the bridge
timid at death being near Makes me give a laugh funnier than the joke
let go you fulfilled your beat purpose dishonorable discharge got away
with Tar taros murder Movie night for the angels skyblue sky and much
much more chainsaw arm backdoor surgery Dr.Paper Mario gorelord
painstakingly nuke em haulocaustic liger mauls your hairy earholes

06-28-2010, 12:23 AM
Self Destructing man of steel with hee S on his chest.
The sun shine shrine rays wavey meditating and contemplating
a thinking man.Im inside out thats why im standing on your ceiling
outback dojo backdoors living out the best last days on my good
lives legacies.On every continent breakdance opened up over
walks on the beach shatter schetter hammer splatter micronona
undesirables tippy toe two left right feet.Rhymes downright writedown
gottdamnitt righteous.Dodge rangler ducking and dodging doodgeballs
almot barely.Got it moving around and just about right.Kevin Periras
zombie team is most deifinately now officially pieces and parts of my
zombie resistence.Olivia Munn and Candace Bailey your welcome to come
and join us anytime you want to.Holocuast gasschamber Jagrim Reaper
grimy zombie Jesus colony colum gory holy glory.Isms spraycan tinman heart
portapotty caned goods food drives.Cybornetic genetic Jason X with a
Count Dukuu curved hilt tiger tooth saber graphics designer actual virtual reality.
My whole life is motion capture.I-maximum Avatar 3 demensions honored by
Gamma radiation infected Hulk Predators for my line of duty within there first stories
hunting downward awarkward arrow xenomorphs everytimes 52s as in a reward
rewind backward award for being thee teacher of what for all those people here
living inside the human race population mases that were even in the slightest bit
interested in them using their bareback slavedriver going into labor.Physical
capabilties snap figures mountain Everest floating in space on exile format of
pyramids.Rivalries reconciliations ignored volcanic vocal violator chatter to two
mouthed overgrown bug infestations as I said before yo.XI-Yhong profit dialogue
league death Jragon creativity juicer lalapalooza oozes anarchist anarchrist.
Homozygous lowercases should hold there heads in same shame.Impacted wisdom
teeth great vines up the creek.

06-29-2010, 03:20 AM
Some Freestyle.......

Legion of doomsday ray gun chainsaw graffiti
spell cast game manual hip-hop scientist
laboratory freestyle Frankenhole load of horror
files pro god mode Jragon grimreaper legend
chainsaw weapon of choice rabbit rate of fire
blaze elemental Kakashi Rasengan sparks gears
turning somethings going on up there i'am sure
of it temper tantrum fit physical athletic
Lebron James drain blood Dracula seduced
another mistress naive oh man this should be fun
she/he ran tripped over a tree root overgrown up
out the ground late at night stereotype of most
horror movies got in common.

06-29-2010, 06:50 AM
More freestyle.......

UFO dogfights despite that norm so want those around
become attempts of being different knowledge of self
realize and awareness heightened of the environment
reality around me eternalized roger that that's all it is
to it stubborn to the new gens artist manufacture varied
cloning machine just shut the fuck up all of you are the
same person until a solution that opened my minds to new
things and then I was all like well maybe all hope is not
lost hardie har har and your only 15 years of age coming by
died inside a while ago 60-70 year old man was inside of my
I Jragonsoul sub-zero Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance primary
fatality ripped out your skeleton skin basher your skeleton
comenses and its a done deal music house of 1000 corpses
tomb of the mutilate Cannibal Corpses eaten back to life
cock roach heads chomped off 2 weeks later the effects are
felt in the morning opponents are kind of like that or either died
on the spot plotted that strategize minds done did it again FTW
man probable cause lost insanity only one way lane deadened
alley way oop so yeah...............

06-29-2010, 07:46 AM
Ultimate Jragon magnetizes onto life upon fantasy Ultimate warrior WWF
gorilla press slam into a running splash rotten dead headless zombies
corpse crumbled.Time wrap vortex Backened like anus equals chainsaw
swayze lead ends its all this things fault found it in a blessing but learning
process taken forever litterally sense last one done.The rainbow woowzers
first is the last one rejuvenated artform makes strong high tides softening
hail storms water falls down face a whole nexus in itself self imagined.King
of fire speed street race way 10 and 11 to atleast 3 and 4 arrows firefight
pull backspace harp string where it came at once how fierce its they is is
like Thor fighting his own brother.Down from above skygod Zueses own blood
super heavyweight blood shower storm.Hell has frozen over empty Earth
and the galaxy beyond its pounced upon like a tiger move along.A new dipiction
now technically speaking only the afterlife exist and now everyone the good
and the bad have an equal playing feild environmentally hazardous healthy
wealth I already have nawImean.Took a taste of my on medicine when then
I was appaled by thee mixture of blood that of wackness never ending countless
differences possabilities snake Jake toxics that tricked Eve.Radically
brainwashed manhandles scooped up like ice cream spiritual hands into
the netherealm random spot input got after snapped stomp out foolish
Mortal stepping towards the army of Hades insider oneness Jragon optimize
individual.Mortal Kombat tournament undisputed championship holder longer
winner than both Liu Kang and Shang Tsung.Lets talk Mortal Kombat Liu Kang
giant green dragon fatality fang thang teeth bites torsos and all appendages
you know extra baggage coming with its structure.Insanity in every cell
membrane writing on papers like graffiti.

I built this rap off of this freestyle as inspiration.

Stomp out foolish mortal stepping towards the army of Hades insider oneness
Jragon optimize.Mortal Kombat 4 Liu Kang mist clears giant green dragon bites
torso and all appendages you know extra baggage coming with its structure.
Mixture of blood and that of wackness snake Jake toxics that tricked Eve
radically brainwashed manhandles scooped up like ice cream by Hades spiritual
hands into the whole Netherealm random spot input. Remember that beginning
scene in God Of War 2 where we thought Kratos was killed by the Colossus of Rhodes
or was it that bastard plus my last victim Zeus and I well the former Hades true
one who ruled before I took over tried the same BS.Well I succeeded and minion
add that one to my collection of arsenals as well as his original target and the
original god of war Ares.

Burdening gift throwup Christmas lights Magi Ryu Texas chainsaw massacres
plane crashes anacondas bloody pitch forks for trying to pull whool over
Jragonsoul solar.Is how the dispute attracted attentions reason or reasons
trying to pull wool over the cyclops eyes it cant be it wont happened you
see.Power is truth truth is knowledge is my word word is bond bond is life and
my bond is right.Rap heads above heaven rhymes mime I AM LEGEND.Shuriken
kunai spat colored pencils draw weapons and watch Southparks Imaginationland
get warzoned pronto.Ready and willing on my command begin my friends and
I stand by ridiculously bloody pure brutality mentalities Xi-Yhong some but I
have no clue now undefeated in a fight to maintain infiltrate full scale alien
iguana invasions.Just for the violent like that nappy root dirt dread flesh
miscophonologist all letters of thee alphabet lowercase seem likable capitals
even predators work ethics often anonymous decision.

06-30-2010, 01:59 AM
Brutally highest Ab lie detector test p.o box results judgment in chill on
truthfully exaggerate makes surpassing fantasy and reality anything when
I put my mind to it cyclone heel toes imitating a vampire bat making your
face the bald spot of your skinhead eclipse forever more causes the earth
pot hole gut feeling with every breath we take do you not see the chemtrails
as well sacret secular musician listens wrote them inside my comic book
collection super goodguys intergalactic boot camp villainous neutralized etiquette
practice makes perfect projectionist shown revelence from the deep end
aquarium guesser true feelings thee radiation gives you superpower abnormalities
I'm the juggernaut bitch time space continuum one on one against some girl
who can walk through walls and fall through floors spiral notebook paper
a big piece of black dried volcanic rock Hawaii started off as seafloor suana geewiz
overactive imagination predicament homing missile slingshot darkest no one in existence

06-30-2010, 05:41 AM
Yo knuckles the hegdhog bloody knuckles punching bag
bodies more pacifically skulls barrel downward goin into
shock of assualt rifle loud mouth Sindel tells Jragonsoul
to shut the fuck up in boldface letters all in yo face big
time in done got there to fracture cave in those faces
that face me during spoken dissection thoughts opened
minds emblueginment regiment rips the sky open the
universe imploded in and onto the earth planet flash now
they talk history with weather

07-01-2010, 12:32 AM
Those freestyles and the one above ^ I'm using as brain storms for my new material.

07-01-2010, 01:26 AM
definatley like ya style it's mad fluid, their are a few things i do study some of u fav artist's style learn about how they rap and incorperate into ur self while being original at the same time

07-01-2010, 02:05 AM
definatley like ya style it's mad fluid, their are a few things i do study some of u fav artist's style learn about how they rap and incorperate into ur self while being original at the same time

Yeah same here I just go with what I want in my rhymes lol.I study diffrent things I want to put into my rhymes and I listen to music most of the time in my life.

07-01-2010, 02:36 AM
Abstraction barrier reef moon shine liqueur keg
onyx knights in shining armor I'm high rolling with
exorcist commentary war hunts dust slump lump
sum clumps smothering coverage take needed
refugee on laser guns that look sharpened up to
be space ships rhythm nation space opera paranormal
logician router instruction manual collectors edition
gold standard no lifetime warranty one of a kind
doth like Fahrenheit heater standing for now go
against it a suicide repercussion irreprehensible
exclusion derogatory concussion statement
emergency room the painkiller our laboratories
technologies breakdown aquafina pressurized
Mortal Kombat reup sky temple extension area
deathtrap portal life cycle the fast and the furious
track and field around he mammalians cerebellum
good china old time sake chipped floor cliche
photographic memory abrasive thought marathon twig
sparks flown of diamond dust situation moving mountains
like trailer parks dino paralization Sub-Zero Cro-Marmot
cavemen frozen in a block of ice blizzard bizzaro meteorology
weather forecast the devil scrapping the bearer of his
own children all in the name of awesomeness the solar
sonar winds pick up to Roswell darkages colonization
halo heads evil monkey finger on the power button remote
controlling equilibrioception multiverse dark matter brain
matter punctuality malice like the fifth colossus Avion up
rise body temp proofread 1 million something degrees
crowds going to expect it as roads ventriloquist kaboli
tranquility x-ray with forgotten amnesia the two cents
lottery cash in reality check chump change for the failures
truth be told king me.

07-01-2010, 06:51 PM
Augusta hooligan Legion of doomsday ray phrase
lasergun chainsaw favorite weapon of choice
graffiti towers and monuments spell check cast
game manual temper tantrum fit physically Lebron
king James lames arent evah gonna not come close
bloody knuckles the Hedghog punching bag reminiscence
a challenger near me goin into shock star downward
assault rifle loud mouth Jragonsoul I me the one
who peace poetic speaks POWOW! turnt dial Sindel
tells Jragonsoul to shut the beep up!!!! in boldface
letters all up in yo screwface like oooh dang no she
dident big time fracture cave in those faces that
face me during spoken dissection thoughts opened
minds embulgeoment regiment to no ends meet
Shaklatou like Rauf musical chairs in the house of
1000 corpses rips the infinite sky highly open implodes
the universe onto Earth FLASH!! now they talk history in
weather and seasons Darth Maul VS Obi-Wan Kenobi
and Anakin seed of Skywalker revisited when replicated
Ford Mustang pool table 8-ball leaded pen woodpecker
viral infection cuddi hospital deathbed wettings
taken notes cock roach heads chomped off 2 weeks
later stops here the effects are felt in morning opponents
are kind of like that or ether died on the spot foot step
overgrown root roadtrip upout on the ground late at
night horror movie files for stereotype got in common
gun smoke blunt rolling vaporizer machine sniff ya
poison Ivy scrap metal spat out chainsaw guillotines
eternalized knowledge of the environment Lion King Kong
of this black titanium jungle rumble gong bong Godzilla
destroys all monsters including browser stratigize minds
making devils cry and angels scrady cats wiset power
ranger force makes you wacky mcs take that bass out
of your voice then put you out of business and misery

As you can see I took the only freestyles posted up and some lines I used in a cyhper with a freind of mine.Then I made this rap out of it.

07-01-2010, 08:57 PM
Some Freestyle.......

Legion of doomsday ray gun chainsaw graffiti
spell cast game manual hip-hop scientist
laboratory freestyle Frankenhole load of horror
files pro god mode Jragon grimreaper legend
chainsaw weapon of choice rabbit rate of fire
blaze elemental Kakashi Rasengan sparks gears
turning somethings going on up there i'am sure
of it temper tantrum fit physical athletic
Lebron James drain blood Dracula seduced
another mistress naive oh man this should be fun
she/he ran tripped over a tree root overgrown up
out the ground late at night stereotype of most
horror movies got in common.

love the naruto refrence lol

07-01-2010, 10:30 PM
Yeah I always seem to put lots of refrences into my raps for some reason but there awesome so.

07-02-2010, 10:56 PM
Opened upward scrapped knee red and indigo tented pink umbrella
realpses I stomp my enemy dome region area into diabetic comatose
strawberry pudding through the ground floor of what seems to me
to be like a valentines day sweetheart bushel of rosemary pedal
flowers falling piano plays belonging to itself the tune plays belonging
to itself the tune pleasing at this time misconstrued eschewed
screw up witchdoctor obtaining all seven dragon balls Venus fly trap
gap voodoo cuckoo upper and bottom lips similar to microchips gnaws
off uno eachs own necklace top hat hijacks upgrade counter table
Bugatti Veyron Lamborghini Ferrari Mclaren Mercedes garage car show whip
stage performance drive bys roadrunner tastes my dust above speed
limitation zeitgeist poltergeist half biophysical tank half cybernetic
monstrosity raised wolves mushing with gang related rabies all terrain
menace mince meat mailmen bloodhound mugshots reminder of a frank
Sinatra puts the never ending ammo lock and loaded gun in my mouth
bites the bullet ruff neck suicide bomber holographic arsenic magic
Chinese water torture sorcerer obituary very scary perpetual rogue ware
white noise tiger kabuki tattoo parlor commitment crystallized rhombus
recordings Vulcan musket launches like up up and away king cobra
wrapped demon wind shuriken.Angry chainsaw man guy thing exhilarates
hyperventilate attend tracks macking loan shark pack of wolves just
getting what belongs to us which is pretty much respect.Buck naked
knowledge foundation closely lovely ancience auditory together the
strongest family jawbreaker contract killa faceless headbussa shiny axehandle
a little rusty clashing through shelids and you body punk dumpster
open mouth breather transforms into a great Dane when MC documentary
walk through wire tap war criminal nimble gun graveyard land fills by
all means necessary makeshift bombshelter automatic sub-machine gun
side straddle hope alligator rader Vader bombs disgrace who you are
thee mouth opens then closes is pretty much what happens brain
critical damage exterminates brain cells Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks
and Armageddon introductions constant in livly experience Netherealms
inferno scorpion destroyer of the Lim Kuei hazy partnership contributors
of the unsure disband evil doers Quen Chi and Shag Tshung blasphemous
elder gods,Wu Shi Academy shaolin monks Liu Kang and Kung Lao
Demi god unsure time hackers Taven and Deagon,Dragon King Ornaga
,tormented oni beast physco diabolical Molock and Dramen the Mortal Kombat
champion now rules the nexus full attention turns into DC Darkhan Batman
and Superman all have died by my hands GRRR!!!! premonition out of emotions
titanium needle rain mad libs epitaph smokescreen pounces chewing
tobacco makes skulls and cross bones shareware with those to be
near me Hexen weredragon doomguy musical chronicles Aeons of Death
Doom 2 where all the data at Mugen when the titans clash worlds collide
legends has it bastardly fire wood gas chamber jukebox missile drop kicks
skydiving off Ho-Oh onto Giratina to construct destructive shit takes
deadly and begin to wreck havoc upon the record player land and further
more there we be no survivors just that of a place which once was now
dutch ovened I'm starting to seriously hate society as a whole I died in
2007 yet I for whatever you know it as descendants exist concentration
as fireballs Egyptian pharaoh longest barrel reload transgression so game
shark codebreaker unlimited ammo rate of firefighter nuclear annihilation
outcome hand me down humanity being mere fan fiction at this point the
ills have eyes overseeing thee ruins debri deadliest warrior like that Spike
TV TV show whom remains undefeated like the undertaker at Wrestle Mania
my will is the license to kill any and all who stand in my way weapon smith
pencil sharpener woodchuck buckaroo X-wing fighter spaceship customized
inside Jragonsoul hyperspace speed of light and sound wrechless driving
running over cows that jump over moons then I'm putting it in reverse now
repeat formula snake eyes wink while thee sledgehammer plummets upon the
current and next challenger Predacon leader Megatron transforms into a dragon
shredding human be souls vessels messy yukky spinning the world on my
bloody stumps figure tips

Solar cosic mythologizer crisis destiny
the best and strongest beast unleashed
nexuse warrior god titan king shinobi
oblivious beautity

Never again shall this happened by another person weapon of choice
the armory vault itself kills you off in the element of nothingness
rambunctiousness spiritualists ambidextrous destiny professor bloody
executioner formless fill in the blank style founder of such gore reaper
penaltys life or death collapses over lapse n ow all whom have trespassed
my attributes presence off my characterization diluted presence organization
blessing educates a slow painful destroyer Exterminator obliterator permanently
meshes you in existence and nonexistence yin-yang meditation crisis
newspapers front page epic top story sundae giga scoop human stand anti
publicity sucker punches ya boys Siberian husky grill well as his six brothers
and caused there bodies to be skinless bear hugs paralyze DJS most plays
on jumbo reps sad sake seahagg gags Xi-Yhong poking holes in enemys and
opponents so that the maggots can breath properly while they all you can
eat buffet tonight we shall feast force feed upon them until nothing remains
but no skin and bones hydro-electromagnetic JreagonZuol Abbott of the
Xi-Yhong saying Mortal Kombat trilogy anthology whole series fighting games
forever in general always men in antique luxury for the rest of them let it be
back then those were the good ol days my mother stood next to microwaves
as she carried me for nine months entering September there unborn Glaceau
Vitamin Water broke lifetime supply mag overflow mow hawk bro might change
green into a X plus christ most definitely confused religious fanatic steel combat
boots and cigarettes glasses arguably lens less vampire and snake bits piercings
but real thing ear gauges longing for the monster beat headphones heartbeat ear
buds with all the BS that you and I have to go through day after day all I want
to do know is uplift you and mes spirits with nothing but love hock wet willy
luges like Murderfaces baseline solos with his cock I am Marshal arts meaning
and principle character creation selection screen come to like like pajama full
body jumpsuit walaa like action role play dress down cosplay male model bladed
wheels underneath my only pair in existence feet so he can believe in senseable
riding and magic in between the league and imperial with all the archetypes
included with allods online laughing gas at passing the maximum level up technically
beating the MMORPGS open world tasks at hand Hokuto No Kenshin fist of the
north star ultra violence brutality Africans used underground railroad elaborate
escape route by actually following the drinking gole or big dipper my fist is that
system of stars snatch out skeletons 100 eyes comprehend intell knock knock
jokes yesteryear adolescent washigton D.C capital VS like always Heroclix
instrument suitcase warmachine gun shell pockets dissipates lame self proclaim
devil snakes from the suns,stars,and planets to the universes galaxys,realms,
and nexuses it's all my life and anything inside and outside of my life

Solar cosic mythologizer crisis destiny
the best and strongest beast unleashed
nexuse warrior god titan king shinobi
oblivious beautity

Mellee weapon luancher screwball open mouth breathing gamma radiation
genocider lived longer than Zoaster doing chainsaw saliva animation going
commando fullfeldge nudist exhibition exhibit the change over time sleepwalking
on the flat earth with my teeth in a cup like a senior citizen in a retirement
home armpit sleeper holds turning foolish dudes breath taking challenging
only the strongest on my way up through location skinny dipping in snow
storms ram a angel on fire does black,white,and red dramatic colored in Carole
skeletal degree lighting fights out black market extortionist business man
byproduct double jump wammie parallel universes executive producer is ok
insanity default creation through destruction yet destruction through creation
wolverine busy brows on his face with blue and yellow classic praise custom throwed
die in my sleep when I sleepover the good sheets speaker ninja angels and pirate
devils debate well being diplomacy that's for a short time being one of three
other flips over broad game meets high furniture there both treated like
royalty so why cant we be friends I guess its all about there alignment causes
mine straight down the middle of your jail yard secure fence cellmate jump
equivalent to a mine fill fill break rules bare knuckle outlaw fantasize black
male Ferris Bueller play hookey to be in civil rights movement marches I'm
never going to stop rhyming even in life after death like a those jobs thats
so good when you go it doesn't fell like your working

Solar cosic mythologizer crisis destiny
the best and strongest beast unleashed
nexuse warrior god titan king shinobi
oblivious beautity

Domination universal and galactic electronic entertainment expo
great depression Darth Vader raised me the star killer Anakin
Skywalker new generation darksiders Sith establishing this new
wave grew horns tall as the Tar Taros flames hell unforgiving forces
a pure sinners soul to seek out threw my mace windy flat top fade
eyes spheres something of the Uchihas Sharingan fused into Hyuga
Byakugan and Pein's rinnegan with every single variation cluttered
eyes opened wide big head global looks both ways on all fours tongue
swinging hangman charge straight down equality alien ware physic
vampirism area 51 is ll in my head City of heros going rogue first in
like to purchase but system requirement disagreement at the moment
plus my hydra headsleft and right brains greater than already owns the
whole companythe brought PCs a brand new multitude playground genre
outbreakbefore us police search hound pet cemetery hairy situation
intensified say doer rhymes are like bubble bloodbath knuckles crafts
universal geographics and further more into my own image yo I'm that
guy who does what would Jesus do blue buck teeth when the french
coats unbuttoned from the upward white collar crime unidispute champion
fireplace somebody open up a window magnifying glass sun beam God
amongst fire ants sandcastle Shin Rai Ryu esparda Xi-Yhong tap water
gallon jacuzzi starfish wash a shore to be swept up again 3DS AOTS twitter
wall electric cigarettes bamboo stick bash ya over the head long distance
call touch screen I-phone phone bills cause the worlds richest man to file
for bankruptcy ruffhouse one man hells angles motorcycle gang so called
alternate ending club chapter Augusta Georgia president family reunion with
some special surprise guest visits collaborated a few sits at head of the
brunch and dinner in a electronic chair namingfarts viruses airborne lunges
black when taken a deep breath tumbleweedpoison ivy medical marijuana
cherry blossom Carola blackened blood leading bludgeonings on the horror
watch in terror first deemed he ment it but later on in the day they realize
my next victims excepted the charges Super Sayain mountain top spiky to
deadlock duck tape line there are story board that includes slaying angels
to stay out of hell just like WHAT!?!? Bayonetta has to do with but you may
also be sightseeing off of titans body builds similar to God Of War 3 learning
disabilities of all kind like Dr.Carson I still manage to survive in the blink
of an eye in a starring contest executive producer of our guardian angels
organization 13-7 will still use forbidden obliteration murderous top assassin
techniques that cause the use of the word forbidden to be fighters battle
jargon and so on the less as strong but very power crazy elemental physical
and energy attacks Jragonsoul all together or separation of the Siamese
twins jointed at the hip space bar departure rivals sit in timeout corners
buck against me now keep walking you still no nothing about we us me
offensively or defensively take in all the descriptive 5th and above wall
breaking stomach full of scrolls number 2 and above pecil in low biting paper
cut iceberg tip over tumper junkfood big Japan Pro Wrestling legendary jap
unsanctioned death match wrestling tourneys alchemy micro soft Hades
hand held gaming addiction

Solar cosic mythologizer crisis destiny
the best and strongest beast unleashed
nexuse warrior god titan king shinobi
oblivious beautity Ultimate Dragon legend

Star Wars Luke Sky Walker X-Wing Fighter snow speeder transformer crossover
Marvel VS Capcom 3 3rd strikes and your out fate of two worlds comic book battle
discussions importuned stay tuned disclosure reality T.V show scrap year book
brought the knife sword and gun in the right jail breaking biz Skull Candy Skull Crushers
Diddy beats techy geek squad K9 pissing on trees and legs marking my entire
territory Sweet Tooth hot head face melt minion demonic power stirring wheel
tank operator Mr. Grim Reaper Legend superhero costume themesong grandest
Godfather mastermind mental behind every Mortal Kombat Atality my Xi Clan fam
nutcases us organization black power panther dragon Gambino family freezer with
Iceman Richard Broadwitch full stomach ach refrigerator supersized cookbooks
red lobster,Mig Wha,soul food and moms home cooking all 9 elements of Hip-Hop I
live my life by James Camron,Richard Matheson,Ed Boon and John Taibos all in one
person a manslaughter innocent bystanders big league chew crew party of 5 flys
on the wall seeing who gone get got Nowegian Hafrsjord those who challenge me
into facings hangings cradle to the grave like Saddam Hussan sleepover the Effal
Tower in Paris then entered Bugs Bunnies hole Sun God Ra Oblivia stereo keeps
continuing Sony Dynamic headphones who is his own ghostwriter gang
Green,Dooleys,Kirks,Hills,andWallaces born and raised me right brought up as well by
the Quilers,Josephs,Walkers,Sharps,Fairs and Loftens as well I will never forget them
a universal map of battle rap gang bang reservations compass tour dates cant tell
time wrist watch head nodding priceless this means the world to me its my life trumpped
up charges afroconcious machismo dont fit the norm Mahogany wasp swarm of dust
like how Kabal was originally planned for Mortal Kombat 3 overpowered and like life
unfair that number one guy eyes half way open coming soon your favorite rapper Krav
Marga family arlouns collectors iteams keep them close to my heart brown paper bag
a 40 midlife crisis Bloody Mary and Candy Man Alizay like 3 times in the mirror
recordstore pour all of it ou for my grandparents and there parents high on life the
sun smiles say cheese blushing dimples blue piggy bank Jordan in golden on the right
side of it straight on the left side of it straight from Big Momma ahh man missile toe
in grave danger Yo you foes 1996 Chirs Rock spike knuckles button masher beat em
up backstage brawl between my clan before tattering the show now may I proceed
with the Ultimate Jragon Legend Atality The ultimate Jragonsoul Origin lies within.

07-03-2010, 03:19 AM
Eight symbols five subordinating a spin off in tradition
Chinese Wu-Xing and Ba Gua hydrogen at armstrong
wavelength currents all Dynastic residentials great
wall of Chinese five cardinal points designated symbiote
throughout Earth ordinating homospaeins mythical
theologians neoclassical wordagasms forked at tongue
derived module Rambo babble exceeding any elsewhere
especially insanity plea bargains Draconic hall of mirrors
trigrams disambiguation recurrence permutation syzygy
y axis correspondence in each of the five to eight
elementals Galactus roundhouse table discussions with
his own eleven Heralds been together for a minute the
games constant rebirth in everybody is its birthday don't
limit yourself to one day abortion new world order
static characters like fizzy hair embody Mongolic
conquer er Totaku manifesto attitudinal showings Aesop
technicality headbanger cavern faces low down hygiene
mangy mutt mastery wizardry to footwork clauses
paralysis planetary killer study buddy transmogrified
Brock Sampson mythopoetic leadership principle holder
danse macabre Heavens ranging atrocious of your
integumentary,lymphatic,skeletal,muscular,reproduc tive,
nervous,and immune human body systems all this
convected from a upward thought quick jabbing jamboree
with no lids apart of raspy blackberry sweeter than licaress
because file cabinet personal records swiped from government
officials offices themselves call ins there post era consecutive
idealatrey proven what ifs optimize defragmented chosen
homogeneous consolidated pequliar
exosphere,thermosphere,mesosphere,stratosphere,tro posphere
region soil is soiled by the entrails and open views anybody
is known for plus one mans feverishly dysphea meltdown a
witches burning drunken fist pen grip skullquishings I'm engulfing
knuckle bucking studs got these boys coughing up lungs pulling
there hearts simultaneously while its still pumping tamatoo
ketchup then eating it like an apple peach or plum Castlevania
whip master belt pimps smack towards those imprisonment
better yet slavery threw miseducation whilst bat mobile hijacker
running over stop signs on Appalachian mountains range electronic
eels freshly squeezes my spinal cord causing anyone with a
microphone in hand to get torn down with discord obviously
misunderstood but by this time I take that lightly as quills my
candy paint soggy golden five pointed stars uses to momentarilary
mind map brother of destruction with the Preifer Zeliska revolver
liberated socialist richasay trickshot for the quad of yall
militarys and police forces from hell are spooked by the diligent
fire and brimstone kick boxer provenience alone until he
drops by and makes a unwelcome happy go lucky surpise guess
appearence waltz paper mache like pretzels they disband
and split up like Scooby Do and the Gang but then again when
one wandrians nowhere to run and nowhere to hide may I
add from this decrative literature beautician awes ever Jordan
Jragonsoul alligies like pollen a bathing ape kloppin marshlands
onto hemoptysis license plateful significant other MCS

07-04-2010, 09:41 PM
Special Ed Russan roulette abrakadabra talking
yang vamperitical sabertooth count hook fanges
Elizabeth Bathory puncture her vertebrate trechea
oceanic bloodsport marathon shower lagoon Vorhees
bloodsplattered masked brains predalien bronze
transpose gravatic salutations with posable thumbs
and duo dubs dueces dualing we come in peace handy
symbolics across comenses of physcokenesis keen lean
martain goofball ravishing and rather dashing gloomy
insertion of a single bound incriment chipachabra
thinckend pulse katana equator in diameter gorganzulas
these merrys lambs,pussycats,and ugly ducklings off with
there heads

07-04-2010, 09:54 PM
Rin tin tin racket halts equivocate bric-a-bracs
ratiocination swiss army knifes eyelids onsomble
red rings of death like belonge super maximum
correctional facility escapee Usian Bolt through
faculties living quarters blinker ongoing turn sideways
onto the suicide lane running the lights red light
green light oh shit!! grandma just got ran over
by a reindeer Rudolf with his red nose so bright
which he got from digging for gold with his middle
figure accidentally touche his brain now he thinks
hes Saint Nicks trusty steed Jragonsoul sitting
Indian style mating calls out common cold Synis
infection Encyclopedia Britannica hyponym

07-04-2010, 10:46 PM
ill.. reminds me of holocaust


07-04-2010, 11:23 PM
ill.. reminds me of holocaust


I love big Holocaust but my favorite MC is tha RZA lol thanks and this joint you posted featuring Radblocks is supa dupa ill.

07-05-2010, 04:18 AM
Smackdabb ya with your ownership hold on tombstone
near and dear Sagat beat em up until you yeah your
head cultivated your a hole from an armless crab walk
stomp a mud hole into your bunghole madman at the
world visionary the way I see it wackness is wackness
and should be treated as such oh yeah most definitely
cracked kool aid man glass burst a hole in the wall of
the broken home just to adlib second thought E mission
impossible Picasso Mafioso lost and found mind fountain
of youth slob the Blob aquarius jewelry store igloos
mummification tongue chainsaw tough escapes from its
stray jacket but still don't mind using it as rather often
very comfy fashion statement hellfire mistaken when it
comes to Jragonsoul quaking mother nature up on gizmo
mic phones better yet second Armageddon relive beginning
to neverending as well as many rainbows over many suns
back to above moons Gods promise to never never regathering
time when Moshes still had breath back then end but
by the way I chit chat it still happens kind of about
untimely history repeats itself

07-05-2010, 04:34 AM
Droppin suns for enlightenment feeding
these so called mcs to the gallows until
a chopped and screwed pop shot off their
head is be born like the knowledge on brotherly
bonds I bombard enlarged a gorged gorgon
endangered context of dreadlock directions
in any and all chosen regal words word triple
original message the roots never better in
this daring game of follow your leader being
thee forever chatterbox tongue kiss a whisper
grown up like a man with no plan yet potential
birthly trait biomagnificent city slums of twilights
highlight history channel of sound waves clump
and dumped wth no rest of retreat in sight first
class command sergeant major brigadier general
of the netherrealm battalion rally malice acquired
fame for hacking enemys to pieces in a God Of War
4 Kratos brutalis fashion of murderlizing brutish loyalty
his mens natural born chaos which arms presented
on him within inspections annually swarming lyric
warcrimes grievance doused mercenary mad at self
because change is trying to take away his true self
stylistically with surgical precision

07-05-2010, 10:28 PM
damn u write a shitlod of bars for one song..its dope im feelin it check out my thread in tod nd tell me what u think

12-11-2010, 12:08 AM
Transformers robots in disguise into the 8-tail Ox Killer Be b-born as meh.
Hattori Hanzo spear master technician at the doorbell cuttin classes
early realse darkdays are coming are coming up among us.Misanthrope
pinecomb afropick skullduggrey facehuggers unexcused abscensces
relinquish chestbusters.Cathedral relic I find myself to be that kind of guy.
Free yo hot damned cold soul and save yourself before its to late to regret.
Or oh so ive heard holding onto hooked on cosmic microbephonics for the
dear love of everlasting lifeformations oppposition aswell but we dont pay
that b.s. no mind.Wont give it the time slot room space of the day.Same as it
ever was like is always been just from one touch of go get a clue.

12-11-2010, 12:17 AM
Evil Dead chainsaw arm like Ash squishes Mokujin mechanical pentop
pointers.Shove thrust pokes rotting log cabins to cause such a creation
of a monster knocking down a building when disaster,tragedy and the
world collide supreme beings Jragonsoul and thee XI-Yhong lyricism megazoid.
Top pointblank onto vitalspots.Mighty morphing special forces forging my
own signature on these street poverty college diplomas.Earned all five
years been through Hells Kitchen and back for that's them.Ah yo break
you borkedown MCs in a new asshole like black holes.Inhale stolen exotic
rarly seen cars auction showcase room floor.Muffles mist deep breath underwater
monologue debate schizophrenia.Mindboggling extraterrestrial sightings from
the first man in outer space.Voices RAP-A-LOT SO SO Def Jams fam bump
which way like so demonstrates jump up.

12-12-2010, 04:12 AM
Webster Sky Walker mecha heartbeats suntanning torch passes between
natural born chaos.When my clan of repository liberty bell turismo Dr. Susses.
Spatula spork gymnasium delicacy pet part flying Nimbus Mictwist.There hand drawn
Polaroids of themselves from super taste testers floor for.Boy oh boy spinx made of
cardboardboxs the type of hotel room set up wreck shop bed make up.Movers and shakers
peacock feather ligers scratching posts.Comic book analytical debate ascension.What
keeps my gun smoking.Pajamas bionicles masaused line in line ups stacking dogpile.
Noology skeptic mammajam box cutter togue squished Ehonda smackdabbs.

12-12-2010, 04:14 AM
Banga heart broken open with a broke down engine inside the axe
hand locked onto by a samurai.Gass guzzler tankard on E.Running
on burning fossil fuels adrenaline daredevil junkie yard loud dog barking.
Body parts keep falling a sleep walking in broad daylight savings no time,
time limit or rules or regulations concerning upcoming confrontations.Which
some say believe to be a fraud because of how in the so called war reenactments
XI-Yhong seems not even in the slightest in harms way.When the going gets tough
the tough XI-Yhong left off like space crafted ships and the all of a suddedenly body
slams diamond cut natural satellites and planetoids into extra mega longer abysmal holes.
Massbody pitts or massgraves hearses lay dog piled deep down with inside of the butcher
paper canvas Jragon has gone berserk like when Weapon X awoke from the Adamantium
skeleton experiment.Yeah nope my experimental hasn't forgotten the sound a tree makes
when it falls in the woods of the underground graveyard,XI-Yhong dwells within and no
ones there to hear it but us.

12-12-2010, 04:16 AM
Spontaneous human combustion agent gamma radiator.
Screams of torture maurder mechanical cannibal
Dr.JragonGraveTombstone lyrical philedriver yas.
Deep within insane inside underneath grounded lays
this paranormal immortal phantom apprition gunslinger
stuck trapped on deathrow.Blood feast island man from
Carnivous howling sump monster planet.The thrill of the
hunt transmitting rage nuclear freezer December Winter
Hellghast mustard gass.Oblivia nightquillin elaphant tranquelizer
indigo apple ghost crew.XI-I-Yhonic emotional spectrum latern corps
in the Blackes Nights and Brightest Days.

12-12-2010, 10:49 AM
like ur style son keep up the good work

06-19-2011, 03:32 AM
Chaos theorist hydrolic switch blades thunderbolt togue
shape.Roman soldier starving Marvin the Ethiopian Martian
Rastafarien Sketor or Cyrax llludium Q-36 explosive space
modulator electrical cables fullfacial hair.Augusta Africa Atlantis
is the streight up and down small town living big city.Thee
Excorcist peformer on demons enraged Tommy gun holographic
infared keyboard shoot the breeze and shit.Dr.Tombstones playing
games of operation on churchy canibal zombies just for the hell of it.
Rambo technobabble streight volcanic left hand.Hells gardener
yard of graves I be around the way there.Raw chainsaw Bushmaster
in my possession viscious thrashing arcade ladders with XI-Yhong and I.