View Full Version : is there a more intense/panoptic song about street-life than "The Streets" by G Rap?

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The Streets is a dope song, it's intense the way G is kicking his rhymes and the sound of the beat with it's darkness. His rhyme flow on that song is like none other before. I always thought On The Run remix was more intense though, it's one of G Rap's best story rhymes, it runs vivid and murderous like a scene out of The Godfather.


This is a slept on cut from the 90s by MC Ren, intense story about the alleys of the ghetto, it's got a real dark, intense edge to it

a few more:

Ice-T - Midnight, Colors, Ricochet
Hell Razah & Shabazz - 144,000
Onyx - Evil Streetz
Inspectah Deck (http://cratesofjr.blogspot.com/2010/04/inspectah-deck-let-me-at-em-95.html) - The City

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i'd say dance wit the devil by immortal is the sickest joint about the streets ever!!