View Full Version : Shyheim-disrespectfully speaking review

07-11-2010, 12:19 PM
The long career Shyheim has had from being the “Rugged Child” to his dopeness to being the “Manchild” to telling the “Greatest Story Never Told” to now “Disrespectfully Speaking”. I think a lot Shy’s work early with the WU as being one of the early Wu-Affiliated acts to drop on a major but now he’s dissing Raekwon,etc. Yet a lot of fans still love Shyheim.

The album opens with an ode to “Staten Island” with some help from his crew and yet it bangs even if you can get past the discontent or any ill wills toward the WU for whatever reason. One of the dope solos by Shyheim is his story telling opus and dropping heat on “Evil Bitches” to ‘Pain” and “Bond” all got classic Shyheim narratives written all over it.

A lot of the album second point is to showcase Shyheim’s crew Bottom Up which consists of Castro, LEO and Bomb Official among others. And they come thru but yet still come off underwhelming which I think brings down the LP.

Overall not one of his best works when the “Greatest Story Never Told”, The Lost Generation” and “Manchild” all were his best stuff, thus this LP is a 3 star effort out of 5 because of Shyheim’s skills stand tall among cats that still need work.

07-14-2010, 06:40 PM
if it was a mixtape it wouldve been great.