View Full Version : this virtuoso album is ILL... yall need to be up on this guy.. been nice, been raw!!!

07-12-2010, 06:57 AM
had this album dropped in my box... ww:3 the final conflict... been delayed for years...

been years since i heard from virt...

reps boston, always could spit, he has a cpl verses on jedi minds violent by design...

can flip the battle stuff, and can write actual songs in relation to his life!!!!!!!!!!!!

always thought this kid was one of the dopest underground niggas...

always reminded me of monch, with the pitch changes and on the fly pattern flips!!!!!!!!

if yall arent familiar, check his first 2 solos WW 1 and WW 2... ill post a joint from each to sample!!!!!!!!!!!



strong voice... dope cadence... clean delivery... son is NICE...

dope to see virt still out there... and before yall bring it up, yes, i did see that terrible vid he did on some rap/rock/pop shit... but this nigga trynna make a buck off his music... i cant knock it if he gonna satiate his core at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



this fool still burnin niggas...

i see diabolic gettin gassed, when this nigga here, would stun and decimate the kid without breakin a sweat!!!!!!!!!!!!

i guess theres nothin to latch on to superficially with virt, hes just a dope spitter, end of story!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"smoke jamaican asparagus with them derelicts
rap split, swing a hatchet, watch me bury it"

if i can find it in stores ima drop some money in the bucket... kid still nice as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in the e-mail i got it said about half the beats were handled by bay area fruit stick epic production outfit blue sky black death... dope listen, that caught me off guard!!!!!!!!

ill leave yall with this!!!!!!!!!!


if you dont check son after hearing this, you probably waiting for your bed pan to get rinsed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. R&B
07-12-2010, 07:28 AM
Big Virt is sick with it.

I've heard and seen good things about this new joint.

Definitely gonna fuck wit it.

07-12-2010, 08:30 AM
catch me on the two is a fucking dope
liked that very much
propaganda and man of the hour are very good too