View Full Version : need a nice gfx dude for a logo, banner and possibly an ms layout

07-21-2010, 02:12 AM
u know a logo like thee wu's dubya or dipsets eagle...my rap/producer name is "Tru-Snow" like true crack because thats what i spit...

so i imagine id waant sum thing related to snow or cold as the logo thinkin of a snow flake but im open to suggestions preferabbly something i can draw...

for the banners i want some designed with winter/snow themes and maybe one with my pic photoshopped into like a snow globe or sum shit..if someone volunteers id lik to tlk wit them first abt this...unless u alrdy have an ideaa then just post it up!

as for the myspace layout holla at me abt this

also while i like winter shit t b the main theme i compare my lyrics to drugs alot so maybe if one of the banners is purple for instance maybe have sum purple E pills or sum purple haze lol...or maybe its white then put up like sum nicks of crack or summin naah mean

hmu ppl!! thanks in advance guys..