View Full Version : Battle II (final): Undead Ninja Vs. Eric Unseen

Undead Ninja
10-09-2005, 10:52 PM
1 Verse:
P.S. this battle iz just two niggaz battlin vote on the real no fake ass shit and no hatin

I looked up into the heavens, I was destined to deafeat you
you tryed ta leaven my rhymes I fuckin left you on the highstreet and downbeat you!
Cuz i'm real gully as hell what ya got ta say Eric Unseen your as fake as a cuban rolex I hit ya with one verse you coulden'y lock the flow yet.
So who r ya tryin ta impress with fake shit
you learned how ta rap readin nutrition facts on a box of corn flakes
for gods sake give it up by now I got ya drinkin wierd shit from my death cup!
So imma just end this real simple
its been nice knowin ya but your irritating as a pimple
my rhymes hit ya hard gave ya motherfuckin dimples!

10-10-2005, 02:57 AM
Kevorkian-style is assisted suicide to an undead ninja/I really shouldn't even battle you, you're not a title contenda/Im the underground master like Splinter in a new york winter/Ice cold on the outside yet I radiate inside the center/Second rate u need more than weed to elevate the mind state/Irrate that I dominate w/ skills to dictate and decimate/I create new ways to innovate an art you only desecrate/Get it straight, you'll need more than a ladder to step and see me/I'm dirty enough to give ya VD's, show ya my nuts tell you "Step Ta Deez"/Ya not man enough to hang wif what I swang/I'll murder you, it's simply not a thang/Vision and experience, both of them ya lacking/Called you like the movers, now get ur ass to packing

Undead Ninja
10-10-2005, 03:15 AM
You must really like Dr. Dre you probably own the "Chronic" album don't you?!

Anywayz peace homie!

Cast your votes people!

10-10-2005, 03:17 AM
actually lost that CD a long time ago....why u ask?

10-10-2005, 05:00 AM
And even if you did defeat everyone here so what the fuck do you actually think Rza comes on here all the time and reads this shit and will automatically give you a deal?!

So yeah you won this but whats your point and what ru tryin to do iz what i'm askin?!

(This was quoted in regard to a different battle)

This whole site to me is strictly just an artistic outlet, and while I believe in myself, I doubt that I'm the best on this website. In no way am I under the impression that I could get signed off of this site. I'm just here to have fun.....as for the live recording
I practice live but I still need work with rhythym and breath control and right now I'm lacking the equipment and the software to do a live recording. My younger brother is a talented producer so we're kickin around some ideas right now but nothing solid has come of it yet and I wouldn't put it out in the streets unless I thought it was top quality. Being that I'm my biggest critic, it's probably a ways off before anyone outside of my circle even hears me spit. Not unless you catch me drunk and high at a party......I've rocked a drunken crowd or two in my life. But that's about it.peace.....oh and btw keep ur ass in school, I'm going to college cause few and far between get rich off this shit........don't fuck your young life up thinkin's it guarenteed somehow that hip-hop is gonna butter your bread.