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08-05-2010, 10:19 AM
They call me the excellence in execution
my middle name is the best even now/
trying to raw is war me thinking you got it wrong baby paw
sold off your jaw to those dealing museum moments/
now you can float on the platonic river
don't think these ninjas are gon shiver/
Shiva receiver finales in your final fantasies
I got advent children coming from the spirit within/
think you need to see through your own lens
now I mends all wounds given grooves/
smooth special arts checking charts
making more sparks for your heart to start/
never present dead shot bedlam redirect cha heat
beef in streets given videos for you to meet/
now you retracting recanting statements
think you need more improvement/
coming at the S-H-double E-P
like your congruent or something/
your just an obtuse angle struggling to strangle
hanging rappers by they ankles and feed them real hooks/
booked minds in files untitled wild out in frame rates
your application cannot comprehend at this given date/
ripping spores with flows that's the zenith of being this
speak off topic if you trying to drop it
then why u still looking with them weak optics/
locksmith optimist spear of Achilles
now you bullies get skullduggery muffling sounds/
rattling you snakes when I'm mowing the lawn
get cha beyond the grave saved now days from the brightest day/
relay the message educate cha rhymers thinking you forsaken
awaken get baked when cooking now their aren't any hooks/
now your lines are sunken three thousand leagues under the page
given level marvels shattering heads with multiple methods/
episodic pen chronic dice roll double scroll told cha glads u was gon fold
rust in the sun light, I'm so sick gingerly lyrically I'll never burn/
so if you attempting to copy a ripper that zaps most with voltage so sick the quotages is impulsive
just remember the rights you receive are cuz me, and what I see is beyond the eye can see nakedly/

All N 2 Spitting' Now
thinking I'll bow
just shut the hell up
you ain't tight your weak
as rapper trying to rip
wake DA fuck N start 2 spit

08-05-2010, 10:23 AM
making more sparks for your heart to start/
never present dead shot bedlam redirect cha heat
beef in streets