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The Fluid Druid
08-08-2010, 11:29 AM
not concerned for bill stacks
keep on still spittin real raps
shut down quick slaughter them and they still clap
so go take a nap

my flow might break you backs
just like stepping on cracks now i ruin your mommas ass
and your words are just sonic trash
try to bomb like a comet im on it fast

verbal onslaught get your dome rocked
truthfull tecnique exposed, vital signs unknown
once i shine il be shown
started to climb and arose stood alive but you froze

so get a mind of your own before you become a clone
brains start to erode, so find the brilliance in my poems
spillin iller than you know, glass fuller found the flow
kill ya quick or kill ya slow, either way you gotta go
just a breeze now you blow

08-08-2010, 11:56 AM
whether tryin' to battle rap or look like a hero
the sum and the outcome still remains zero
the numerator is high but denominator doughnuts
go nuts over the squirrels chasin ass while they rip guts

at least those sluts is getting laid
And even if that's not the case
why waste time arguing
over who is starving
when you can't even keep up with the pace?

Here's a riddle for ya biddle the middle kiddle
buy him an X-box don't hit em' or kid em' dig it?
Soon he's a lax cat, sack o potatoes black
where's it end at? 34 heart attack?

at least he's gettin out soon
the ultimate in consume
why waste time arguing
over who is starving
I'm gotta need a plus size tomb.

Richie rich has a problem with his stuck up bitch
the last time he beat her, she didn't even flinch
was he losing his manly touch? Crept up too much?
who could notice with all the drugs and such?

but at least she's happy in a coma
so she lost her pleasant aroma
why waste time arguing
over who is starving
she can always live in Oklahoma.