View Full Version : Title: Frozen Oceans Shown Petrified

08-08-2010, 11:12 PM
A little about the title. . . I dreamed about frozen oceans. . . I'm talking monstrous, gigantic oceans, cold and grey with mad wind and heavy rain. They were slow and mutant moving in a grey color--like stone and... Petrified.

A little about me:

I use to type ryhme a lot back in the AOL days with my buddy during middle and highschool. I'm nothing near spectacular. . . Every now and then, I pick up on MircoWord and free-type, (thought doodles and poetry in my own unique way). I don't think about becoming a writer or doing this for money. It's all in artistic fun and inspiration from other music artists and a dozen other influential matters. . . I think it's fun and it allows me to explore my creativity, feelings in certain times, etc. . . That's it for now. . .

My second Post. Thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope you enjoy.

TITLE: Frozen Oceans Shown Petrified

... Crystal tank mechanical tarantula out in the window,
bullet proof limo, a walking mech with nuclear missles. . .
dynamic transparent camouflage on an amphibious war-machine,
factory paint defaulted with coated, olive green,
Ninja named “Lightning” proceeds to slash through shields,
Hidden movements warp past through fields,
Alien factories and heavy pollution in this picturesque scenario,
Get sky rocket-punched and vastly launched into the aerial,
The battle zone transmogrified in the chromed glasses of the commander,
Zoom into the battlefield, call me WARGOD that splatter guilds,
Crystal waterfalls to slaughter GODS,
A ship becomes sunken with cargo of gold lost and dislodged,
Endless warzones with a futuristic 60-mile rugged and stretched warpath,
Critical damage in your hulls star craft, dodge a heavy arc slash,
Fatalistic car crash, night of fun with an unlucky bar bash,
Gaze at the mountain star splash, chameleon camouflage cloaked with a dark mask,
Flight became flightless, temporary blindness to one eye patched pirates,
A bright leap of flash from a nuclear explosion,
Buildings sunk in spiraling crushed patterns in an oddly swirling motion,
The old man caught swigging heavy potions, petrified and unique, the monstrous oceans were suddenly left frozen, only in my dreams, dark themes in castle glades,
Turn with a twist and it’s an activating grenade,
Slowly towards a mermaid sitting elegantly on a stone,
Alas the retired vet walks to his cozy little home. . .
Cry yourself happy with arms splayed at the sky,
Marsh mellow clouds were spectacular, floating slow, puffy, and high. . .
Upside down maze labyrinth with a million doors in a sky palace,
Code name: BioHaZaRdoUS, like reptile that shoots acid spit
Snipering alien life forms in other galaxies accurate,
**Haze** **Frozen Oceans: Shattered**
Adams apple, electricity grapple, crash a castle warp through gasholes,
Engulf planetarys, nebulas, Alpha Centauris with evil minded Blackholes,
Scientist baffled--
Summon a whole platoon of flame throwers in your barracks—check,
Micro worm holes, cinder blocks, forever burning kilns in hells eternal inferno,
Burning in your cell, heartless yells, wind chimes and cursed bells, dragon tales, demon gales, heroic flails, flaming furiously forever fleeting bare-footed fugitive fell faintly, fast futuristic fist, laser disc, fingers fiddle flightless finished fighting fantasy eating anatomies, underground cannibalistic academies, small-big, hot-cold, day-and-night analogies,
Junkyard warzone my warm home, kids play on a rugged blown chopper,
Clayed tablets on totem poles, Digital sniper war-prone, when Ice-man blocks transforms into a shielded snow-cone, zoom out and blast off with a wink into the o-zone