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08-10-2010, 10:01 PM
Infinite by JKlmantis

discovered Gods hiding place, hidden ace beneath my sleeve,
a black spider crawls behind your back in the dark winters eve,
a hung samurai mask shown ghastly atop of wooden crates,
Poisonous breathe of grace, holographic magical clock-hand in haste,
The stars are aligned for fate, true destiny finally takes its place,
warp drive engaged, vintage green energy bars raise rapidly displayed,
full speed concaves your chest, then your teeth, melts away your face—
only thing left—is your soul, skull vaporizes by this dragons breathe,
laughing in the darkness, lonely cold and heartless,
spectacular, junkyard tires trashed and burned,
galactic blur, flaming sword Excalibur, smash ya urn,
Trojan force shown infinite, ninja wu-syndicate,
landscapes of chess by yonder brink of horizon ever longer,
Dark cloud conjuring a storm, high winds gave birth to twisters that form,
A face configured in snakes, a maddening spinning configuration of asteroids from outer-space, a blackhole with a mind of it’s own engulfing an entire planetary race
thought provoking, crooked cop began choking in mad discrimination,
holy place of damnation, futuristic aircrafts in a boys imagination,
somewhere there is a under water lair rat, while the gas sparks,
oil barrels and wet puddles splash in the dark, rusty mega metropolis plus
Trapped in a small hut of tempest winds swirling in spiraling gusts, rebuild noahs ark
Scrap book of riddles, blood trickles, soda pop fizzles, the grey sky drizzles,
A utopia industrial factory of giant walking-flying tanks,
gigantic diagonal elevator transit, skin blistering seeping gases and acid,
zombie attic, summon volcanic landslides with my hands,
shaman uses water and ceramic, wizards and glowing hands,
form a killing machine out of sand,
Japanese fans, humanoid eye scans, wish for infinite wishes,
Forever fighting fantasy, furious flowing future featuring fixtures
Of broken shards and scary hotel pictures, jokers and pajama dressed trixters,
Unknown serums, tonics and potion mixtures,
Burning hi pitched white light humming endless stupendous, yet tremendous
Secretly meditating hovering crossed legged over waterfalls, dark calls horrendous
Charged particles glowing neon blue auroras in a circular shockwave within seconds