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08-17-2010, 01:52 PM
J.T.S. verse one

we bring suspension to theyr'e clauses camp-fires to government houses
ya'll can't impose shit try the gatling comes out of my trousers
the whole Katrina incident shed light on supremacist powers
like the sixties when king died i think it's time for riots
only difference instead of communities burning it's the liars
promises broken were on their premises setting fires
i don't check Fox for News i'm cleaning chambers for hours
lost an aunt in the towers so i'm picking devil's like flowers
and for the last time freedom will ring from my waist-line
Devil's come in all colors sell-out's with brain-washed minds
so there'll be an emergeny in every state urgency for snakes
and like Sleepy brown "I can't wait'' to annihilate at a rapid rate
ya'll know who's moving the weight the government heavy-weights
setting up shop illegal fire-arms passed out to every thug on the block
And until their all dead the buck won't stop well as the curses
block the movement of hearses more than a champion boxers purses

Hook fusion

theyr'e coming in tanks and helicopters declaring martial law
instead of preying were sprayin' til' they meet their downfall

verse two dynamics

Tired of being told of stories of old we need future control
secure our own security of state paralize your hands like Bob Dole
Slugs louder than drum rolls let freedom reign with a bullet-hole
intellectual rapings running rampant like phone taps, and tapings
backstabbing leads to back-breaking until were awakened
cause even at thirteen the police had a little man shaking
as they kicked my front door in without a warrant or warning
that was six n' the morning with guns drawing
that was ten years ago even these days are alarming
it's all a set-up to see the minorities locked up or wet-up
it's not just the whites killing us it's our own kind
so without unity it's still the blind leading the blind
things will never change until we do
i'm not fighting for america i don't salute the red, white, and blue
confedrate flags still waving a middle finger to me, and you
niggas too concerned with dollars ain't got a clue

last verse fusion

i'm trying to live but something has to give
thought we were equal but treated like fugitives
i guess that's why some refuse to live it's the crookedness
that has captured man-kind since biblical times
took years to find the truth seek and you shall find
but watch where you look eyes are staring
my people are dying and nobody's caring
the government got eyes on other countries resources
ask for evidence and i'll reveal evident sources
of murdered authors, poets, activists, and musicians
if it's supposed to be one blood why the racism?
but it seems the devil's greed of that we won't let go
got our babies drugged welfare for every mother in the metro
they make the media put white against blacks
but if you knew the truth you could see through the traps

08-17-2010, 02:06 PM
dope shit, some Dead Prez style with this one


08-17-2010, 02:09 PM
think so bro?? thanks.

08-19-2010, 01:22 PM
ya man, its got that vibe in my opinion

some real dope shit

08-19-2010, 01:34 PM
thanks again bronze!!