View Full Version : Tanya Morgan's Von Pea Recalls Childhood On Solo Debut

food for thought
08-18-2010, 10:05 PM
"Pea's Gotta Have It" plays off the title from the 1986 Spike Lee film, and the rapper recalls his teen experience for his latest solo.

Just months after Tanya Morgan's Donwill released Don Cusack In High Fidelity, another TM member delivers a thematic LP of his own. Today it was announced that Interdependent Media will release Von Pea's Pea's Gotta Have It on October 12th. Taking its name from the 1986 Spike Lee film, She's Gotta Have It, Von Pea says that this work pulls from his own teen experience.

A lot of my material switches back between my 16 year-old self and who I am today as a 28 year old and although Im talking about my own experiences as a male teenager coming of age in Brooklyn, New York, this album really speaks to anyone whos ever gone to high school, explained Von in a press release.

While Von is known for producing much of Tanya Morgan's material, Pea's Gotta Have It finds him behind on three of the LP's beats. The guests and other producers have yet to be announced.

Pea's Gotta Have It's first single is "The Yorker."

08-19-2010, 07:14 AM
That's good to hear, Von and Tanya Morgan have original music that sometimes goes overlooked, maybe because their ideas don't fit the mold of other traditional Brooklyn MCs or alot of artists out in general.

Von posts over on Okayplayer alot, I have a feeling those folk might appreciate his new project much more than here.

08-19-2010, 10:29 AM
i'm ashamed to say that i have YET to check out Tanya Morgan's album "Brooklynnatti" from last year altho i've been meaning to do so for the longest now. the reason is that i almost exclusively listen to music i bought or compilations of B-sides/rare tracks with artists/producers that i put together myself (you know the deal).

on a scale from 1-5 how would y'all rate the T.M. album?

food for thought
08-19-2010, 11:00 AM
dogg, the album is dope as fuck from front to back.

there is maybe only one track. maybe two that im not feeling and i skip.

but as a whole, the album is a jewel and flows together nicely.

i would give it a 4/5 now.

check it out.

I didnt know Donwill had an album out already and was suprised to read that in the article.