View Full Version : Quite Special Phenomen Verse 1

08-19-2010, 05:02 PM
To ride my flow youll need a boat
Or drown to my words that keep the rap game afloat
Heal the game, make rappers need paramedics aid
Everything goes paradoxly when I mic meditate
Create hazy states of mind, I dont hesitate
To kill like Marcello Carlos the name
Nobody'll call off my reign
When I hit my 60's my 16 lines'll still scar lots of lames
Too real to care bout cars or the fame
Passion is the cause of my game
Thats why i dont sound sain
im a sensei of rhymes, i leave sounds slain
Im not a human spitta but a cyborg
I speak from my heart, which is a mic, for veins I got mic cords
See my daily task is to mutilate recording sessions
Reduce wack guys while I accumulate recognization
Im a special phenomen
Burn mcs black like venom man
Flow so cold I form drumlins
After ripping drums an
Other melodies
Man these are mellow mcs
None of them can be testin mines
For my lines hit like pressin nines

08-20-2010, 09:49 PM